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Skylanders Giants featured in McDonald's Happy Meal

Tomorrow, Friday, April 12th, 2013 marks the "official" date that you should start finding Skylanders Giants toys in Happy Meals.  I have a feeling there will be a lot of adults purchasing Happy Meals for themselves this time around.

Here is the group shot from

As best I can tell, the "boys" will get Giants while girls will get Fijits Shimmies.  So, if your daughter wants that new Jet-Vac, make sure to denote you want a "boys" Happy Meal.

That said, your other option...should you not have kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews and don't much care for the can usually walk in and purchase the set.

I went out with my family Friday night and we got 4 Happy Meals.  The end result?  3 Drobots and 1 Crusher.  Not exactly what we had hoped for...That made me realize how important it would be to land the set by just purchasing it.  That McDonald's refused to sell me any (ie employee doesn't know, doesn't care, or doesn't want to do it).

I got pretty lucky Saturday and found a store willing to sell me the set (or in my case, all but Drobot).  They brought out 2 new boxes (one was white and blue, the other white and black).  It took a few minutes for 2 employees to find all 8...I noticed Kaos and Chop Chop were the last two to be fished out.  Meanwhile, they accumulated a stack of Drobots and Tree-Rexs on the counter.

As soon as I heard the price was $1.69 per toy, I knew I made the right call.  With tax, I walked out the door with all 8 that I needed for around $14.  When we got 4 Happy Meals Friday night, we were out $15 or $16.  Plus, I had some bad nuggets, lol.  That said, this worked out quite well as I now don't have to buy more Happy Meals, beg to exchange duplicates, or worry that between kids, collectors, and scalpers I might miss out on Kaos (the one I really wanted the most).

Here are a few videos highlighting the complete set and individual openings for more detail:


1.  Tree Rex

2. Spyro

3.  Gill Grunt

4. Jet-Vac

5. Crusher

6. Drobot

7. Chop Chop

8. Ignitor

9. Kaos

Note that I ordered them by their toy number which you can find on the bag (1-9).  You might also find this interesting:

All 8 Elements are covered with 1 Skylander.  Kaos makes up the 9th.

Series 2 Skylanders: 5 (Spyro, Gill Grunt, Drobot, Chop Chop, Ignitor)

Newlanders: 1 (Jet-Vac)

Giants: 2 (Tree Rex and Crusher)

Light-up Effect: 1 (Tree Rex)

Projectile Effect: 3 (Spyro, Gill Grunt, Jet-Vac)

Inertial Move: 1 (Crusher)

90 Degree Move: 2 (Chop Chop, Ignitor)

Wing Flap: 1 (Drobot)

Face Switch: 1 (Kaos)

Projectile Strength (Farthest to Shortest): Spyro, Gill Grunt, Jet-Vac

The best news is that the toys all look much better than you would think based on the online appearance at

They lack the secondary colors and detail you are used to with regular Skylanders, but for $1.69 they are pretty nice.

Overall, this is a nice, affordable set for collectors and something kids will really enjoy and look forward to...

The real draw for me still remains KAOS.  He is a nice size and I am fine with the limited action due to just finally having a Kaos figure to include with the rest of the collection...I think he will easily be the most sought after....

Good luck landing your favorites, or completing a set!


  1. I got the first of the Skylanders, and it's Drobot! :D Check out my post on G+ to see the pics and comparison shots to our current Drobots.

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    1. Nice...I am uploading the opening right now! That is the same one I got, but my Nephew got Crusher.

    2. I wonder if it's at a different McDonald's then? I got three in my city, so I should try that out! XD

    3. The scalpers do have some up for sale, though I've only seen the full sets with high prices. Some of the toys have been put about $4.99, which is decent (just not for me), but $20+ or more for the set?! No thanks!

      It's going to be pretty hilarious when they can't sell 'em, but on the flip side, if we miss any of 'em, they might end up in the antique malls for a quarter or so! I've found plenty of good deals there, especially talking about Happy Meal Toys!

    4. Well, I just tried another McDonald's today in hopes of getting another Skylander, but it seems as though they must've been pinched because I ended up with a Hot Wheels car... either that, or that McDonald's sold out pretty fast.

    5. Im in ohio and i got 1-3 tree rex, spyro and gill grunt, numberred in order. Mcds probably released different ones in different parts of the country. Cant wait for drobot!

    6. @Cassie That sucks. I wasn't too thrilled with the meal and while running some insane errands today, I wound up in a McDonald's in a surrounding town...went in, asked...girl didn't know, asked a manager and she was fine selling them to me :D They pulled out 2 boxes (apparently all they had) and it took awhile for the 2 employees to find the remaining 8 (looked to me like there were a lot more Drobot, Tree Rex, and Gill Grunt)...Kaos took them the longest to find.

      You might try that...And get this...The cost for each toy...

      Drumroll please...

      $1.69...I bought all 8 I needed and walked out for a grand total of $14.64 (tax included). That is LESS than we spent Friday on 4 happy meals to only see 3 Drobots and 1 Crusher.

      I'd try walking in and seeing if they'll just sell you the set...Quick, easy, and cost efficient :D My fear was they'd sell out or get picked over etc.

      Good luck!

    7. @Mary Nice! I can tell you, for what it is worth, Drobot is definitely the most common in my area. I saw a new box opened up when I got my set and they had to stack him and Tree Rex up on the counter to fish the others out.

      Hope you keep getting lucky!

    8. Well, that depends if I can do that today. I might try that today, if I can get my folks to do so. At least then, I wouldn't have to eat so many Happy Meals! XD

    9. Haha, hope you get lucky! They aren't bad every once in awhile, but the nuggets in the one I got were a very bad batch, lol.

    10. Well, I got three more Skylanders today - Tree-Rex, Spyro, and Gill Grunt, but poor Gill wasn't given much color at all. On the other hand, Spyro looked nearly identical to his counterpart, abit missing a bit of coloring. I'd say he's about as well-done as Drobot was. :D

    11. Well, lucked out on #5 today, which was Jet-Vac, by getting to go inside (there was an INSANE line when I went after work today around 4:30 PM CST!), and I asked the attendant which ones they had, and she showed me DroBot and Jet-Vac, and I said that I wanted Jet-Vac in the Happy Meal (Supper, anyone?). Hopefully, the McDonald's in Wal-Mart will grace me with the final four I need, which is Ignitor, Chop Chop, Crusher, and yes, that illusive KAOS. :P Wish me luck!

    12. Congrats! I figured you'd get Jet-Vac next :p I know several have reported that the McD in WM is where they landed their complete set etc...hopefully it works out for you. Haven't really heard of anyone just getting Chop Chop or Kaos outright from a Happy Meal in this region.

    13. No luck on the Wal-Mart today, but at the second McDonald's (The first one I went to and got DroBot and Jet-Vac from, that is), I managed to get Crusher, and yup, DroBot was the other one they had besides him. Seems like he's the most-produced Skylander toy as well. However, an employee told me that tomorrow they might get a shipment in and that Chop Chop, Ignitor, and Kaos are likely coming next, so I'll be looking to nab them tomorrow. Surprisingly, my mom likes this method better, since she's tired of getting Happy Meals, but if I do land the three of them tomorrow, I'll end my Happy Meals eating with a double cheeseburger. Hopefully, they'll wait a bit before they bring out any more Skylanders at McDonald's for a bit. :P

    14. Let me know how it goes! Hope you can land the final three, especially Kaos since I think he is the toughest to come by...

      Hope yo uget there before the storms too! Glad you got your Mom on board with this method, lol. They have a double cheeseburger happy meal?! Or are you just saying you'll finish off the MickeyD's with a dbl cb?

      I agree...That said, we will likely have the SG Sidekicks and Fritos to contend with here shortly, lol...too bad they don't do that with Oreos or something else, haha :p

    15. Well, I got lucky today, cause at one of the McDonald's (the one in the Wal-Mart), I was able to speak to a manager and managed to get THE LAST THREE I NEEDED, but the really cool part? They found KAOS FIRST! :D So, I was able to hold him while they dug out the other two (Chop Chop and Ignitor). I did a little story on G+ with photos, though Kaos's didn't come out very good. It's still pretty funny when you see them, though. :D

      Also, if you bend Ignitor's arm down a bit, you can have him slicing with his blade rather than bopping them on the head with the hilt. :D

      I finished up the Happy Meal hunt with a double cheeseburger. :D Good times!

    16. Very nice! I haven't been able to respond to stuff due to the internet issues...Glad you got the last three...AND a double cheeseburger! I'll have to try tweaking Ignitor...gotta admit it is pretty sad to see the sword bop move, lol.

      I'll try to check out the G+ post as soon as the signal allows it :s

      Hope you enjoy having Kaos in the mix AND that you are ready for some Fritos ;)


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