Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Note from the End of An Incredible Day

I literally just walked into the hotel room after a long, non-stop, action-packed, fun-filled day...The use of extra hyphens was intentional.  I truly had a great time...The best way to summarize everything I learned to day is this:

You are going to love Swap Force!  The game looks amazing and so many little things are involved in such big improvements on an already solid franchise.

While our after hours in the booth was spent by most on gameplay recordings, I was fortunate enough to pick the brains of the developers, Vicarious Visions...two of the most down to earth guys I have ever met...and yes, that means I focused on your questions (and some of my own).  By no means could I get everything answered in the given time, but we have a great start.  Plus, what we don't know at this point is just going to make things better!

I will be leaving out tomorrow from LA and won't be back home until close to midnight...I will have to hold off on the video side of things until I'm back at the house...That said, I will try to stay up late and get some of the core info I was able to learn posted for everyone, just as promised.  Again, all I can say is Swap Force is going to be BIG!  The Power of Choice is coming in a beautiful package! A big thanks to everyone who helped make this happen from the folks at the very top, to those who have supported this blog and my YouTube endeavors.  We all share a common interest and the underlying goal is to just have fun...Swap Force is going to make that VERY easy!

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