Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Your Questions You Want Answered at E3

Nigel: What is one SwapForce character of each element?


-When are the 4 Sidekicks for Giants (Barkley, Mini-Jini, Eye-Small, Thumpling) being released and what will we have to do to get them. Point out the usual availability issues for us hard core fans with the approach taken last time with the Sidekicks. 

-When is Wave 5 going to happen? Why is it so much delayed compared to SSA. Related, how is Skylanders going to compete with Disney Infinity?

-Polar Whirlwind. Nuf said, you know what to ask.

-General issues with availabity, especially the variants like granite crusher. You know the routine with the herd of scaplers.. etc. 

-Would Activision ever consider directly selling toys (so we could actually get them). I know this would be competeing with retailers but you know all the usual issues with availability. Point out all the wonderful issues with eBay. 

Skylanders Swap-Force
-Given the 3DS Skylanders history, how is the 3DS game related to the console game?

-When will the posters with all the characters be released

-How many new Legendaries are there going to be?

-How many variants are there going to be? Are the variants going to be detectable in game like they are in Skylanders Giants?

-Will Series 3 reposed (the new stealth elf) be playable in prior games and which ones?

-How, exactly, are they labeling the series of characters. I mean the wording of the "magic moment". Like Glow-in-the-Dark Sonic Boom shows 
up in Skylanders Giants as Series 2 Special Sonic Boom

-What are the "movement base" names and how many are there. Swash Buckler's legs are called exactly what?. Same with Blast Zone. If there are going to be 16 new Swap Force and only 8 types of bases how soon will we be able to get into all areas? (xmas or before I hope).

-SSA had gold, Character Level, Upgrades, and Heroics. SG added more Heroics, Wow Pow to some chars, switchable upgrades to some chars, and per character quests. What new abilities will the existing characters get? Stealth elf would be a great example as she has a Series 1, Series 2, Series 2 Legendary, and Series 3 version. 

-Is Spyro getting a Series 3 character and could they release it a little sooner and with better availability?

-Is Spyro getting a LightCore version?

-Which characters are getting LightCore?

-How many total blue base characters are there going to be both on the poster and legendaries AND variants. Even the Brady Games Skylanders Giants Offical Strategy Guide didn't list them all (GITD Dark Cynder, GITD Sonic Boom, Golden Flameslinger). I didn't even count the Chop Chop for Toy Fair.

-How many new heroics are there going to be?

-Will they be adding any new quests to the characters?

-What is the new level cap?

-What is the new gold cap? Skylanders Giants is 65,000

-How many XBOX achievements will there be? SSA has 38 and SG had 45. (if you haven't played Skylanders on an XBOX, they have additional achievements that syncronize with XBOX Live) (which is why I know 65,000 is the max gold, its one of the XBOX achievements)

-How many Chapters?

-Anything else you can find out about the "mechanical" details of Skylanders Swap-Force. Skylanders 2014  
-Could they make the prior game characters path switchable like series 2 repose are now but for ALL prior characters?
-How long will Activision continue to support Series 1?

MrsSpyro01: Will the new portal work on the old games?

-Will card stats be accurate this time around?

Cory Sivils?  Will the 8 Castaways be back?

TheECrafters: Will SwapForce Skylanders (all of them) have voice acting and personalities?

Aura24:  Will the Skylanders show a lot more personality in the upcoming game than they did in  Giants ? Ex:  Yeah, like how they would act in the in-game cutscenes they appear in with other characters, while in gameplay, any other animations. Or how they would interact to one another while in co-op.

Hot Dog 542: Do you ever plan on adding other original Spyro characters into the Skylanders series?

Hotdog88:  Will SF have Sidekicks and if so will they be Swappable?

Datminecraftguy: Are there any plans to implement other game modes: Online, Multiplayer, Coop, etc.

Takadox360: Will there be female swappers?

zookinator: Will there be a bank so you can store your Skylanders money?

Matteomax: Will there be variants?  

What do S3s do now?

Will LightCores have anything new?

Are there gonna be Legendary Skylanders?

Will there be Swap variants?

Will there be new Sidekicks?

Ninjask11:  i would like to hear more about the wow pows....about the new outfit etc....stealth elfs new outfit made me think we get the same problem like chill

GhostRoaster617: Will Ghost Roaster be remade?

SpyroCrash:  Will villains like Vathek, Hektore, and Occulus be back?
-Skylanders: Kaos Alliance

MrMorrises: Any info on Heroics?

Cozmo:  How will the Adventure packs be released? How many are there? Are there any new features to be aware of?

what is the planned release of the new characters? Is there a plan?

How many arenas are planned?

Will there be any DLC that will not require the purchase of a figure?

Will the new portal be backward compatible?

kappapopm: Will the new portal work with the older games and any plans for online play if not in SF?

GameMaster78: How Many Adventure Packs?

Ninpire: How many levels?  Will LC get WP?  Will there be a way to switch outfits?

DinoHex: Will Flynn always be in Skylander games?  Will storylines between console and 3DS be different?  Any advantages to having Giants in SwapForce?

wrecknroll:  The fate of Camo.

SPARXisAWESOME: Can winged Skylanders fly or glide instead of regular jumping?

SkylandFollower: Will there be any country exclusives?

Spyroflame0487: What is going to be in each Starter Pack?

-What is going to happen to the 8 who were never reposed?

-What is the "official" term we should use to call reposed characters like Stealth Elf?

Hotdog542: Will you ever release variants in New Zealand?

LloydDXZX: Will there be Series 3 Giants with a new pose?

Sleepy0429: Will Auric's shop be returning?

sonsilv2: How will the SoulGems work?


1: Are Adventure Packs returning, and if so, how many?
2: Is the main Swap Force storyline, outside of Adventure Packs, as long as Giants or Spyro's Adventure?
3: Is online play being added to Swap Force?
4: Are Battle Packs returning, and if so, how many?
5: Are Feats of Strength, Giant Accessible Areas, and single Elemental Gates returning along with Cross Elemental Gates and Swap Force Zones?

GhostRoaster617 & issac343018s: What are the names of the Swap Force Characters?

Skymaster1606: Will Starter Pack characters be available outside of the starter pack?

shadowfox: How will they handle HC with only 16 reposes and if they old Skylanders will unlock HCs this time?

Portalmaster13:  1) Will quests for each Skylander from Giants make a reappearance in Swap Force?
2) When Giants jump, will they be able to hurt enemies by landing on them?
3) How many levels are there in all in Swap Force?
4) Will the sound (that heroic music sound) giants make when they land into Skylands be in Swap Force as well?
5) Are story scrolls, legendary treasure items, etc. be in Swap Force?
6) What is the main hub in Swap Force?

Takadox360: What happens if you put one half of a SF on the portal.

Kiroq: What will be the main hub and will the Dreadyacht be back?

And that is that...this is roughly all the feedback I got regarding what YOU want to know from Skylanders Swap Force at E3.

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