Thursday, September 12, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force Character Reveals on GameStop Display Box

While my plan for today was to waltz into GameStop and pick up my pre-ordered Pumpkin Eye-Brawl, that didn't happen.  For some reason, GTA V has apparently altered their shipping schedule.

Anyway, I was a bit disappointed and while leaving I turned back just to check the stock on Skylanders.  While doing so, I saw the SWAP Force display box.  I hadn't seen it before, so I figured I would make the trip worthwhile by lining it up with the Dark Edition Starter Pack inset poster...

While trying to stand it up I noticed something unusual...the "display" box had a backside!  So many times those big, oversized paper boxes just have a colorful front to get your attention and then nothing on the backside...or in some cases, the exact same thing as the front so as to fool proof the display.  This was inherently had a more "polished" feel to the back with the game's story, box art, highlights for the S2, S3, LightCore, and SWAP Force Skylanders, AND a lineup for 4 of the Elements!!

Yep, you read right...4 of the Elements were listed out with characters from each...

They covered: Life, Air, Fire, and Undead.

They were listed out as follows: SWAP 1, SWAP 2, LightCore, Repose, Repose, SF New, SF New about an unexpected find!  My disappointing trip just turned into quite the find!

This is one of many posts/conveying of information where the blog is far superior to a video.  The pictures in standard, widescreen, and any HD setting look like garbage.  With my narration you can tell what is going on, but here on the blog they are so much easier to view and take in...

As usual, I realize many people only watch videos and rarely head to blogs or forums, so I made a video...but it is being posted with the caveat that you should really just come here and enjoy the pictures.

I've known of most of these, but it is cool to see the final figure poses...Especially of interest are Thorn Horn Camo and Scratch.  This means that our lingering Life returnee is in fact, Camo.  Quite fitting that he and Warnado both returned.  Scratch also looks quite interesting.

So without further ado, why don't I quit rattling off info and let you see it for yourself?  If you want to get a better look, head to your local GameStop and look for the Skylander SWAP Force display...The backside was very sneaky, but much appreciated!  I wonder how many people have seen this display and NOT realized there was a backside?  Anyway, here you go:

*Please note that you can click on any image to bring up a gallery where they will be enlarged!*

And if you want more of my thoughts, and less clear pics, here is the video:


  1. Camo and scratch look really good in their figures I'm really looking forward to getting them and also trying out camos firework mellon path in his s2 figure. I have great expectations for scratch, based on his pose he should be great.

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    1. I forgot to say that I think core smolder dash and grim creeper look better than the lightcore version so I will probably get them single core or triple pack depending on if they r in 3packs or not and which other characters are in the 3packs (same3pack thing with scratch and camo)

    2. Yeah, lots of disappointment for the LCs...again. I'll wait till I see how they light up, but not looking good. They really need to add to the FlashBomb Effect imo...

      With this many figures, a lot of people will be picking and choosing which ones to buy...

    3. I'm hoping they might start "themed" 3packs like in Disney infinity there's villains,sidekicks 3packs my main idea was a "dragons" triple pack with scratch camo and cynder

    4. It would be nice to have a connection between the characters as opposed to the seemingly at random placement we have now...

  2. Lol! Ditto on the disappointment with Eye Brawl here in FL. And while waiting for them to check stock, I saw the display box and showed it to my wife. I got distracted though and didn't process what I was seeing.
    I'm generally not a huge air element guy but I am really looking forward to Free Ranger and Boom Jet! Now, like Nigel, I'm trying to figure out the three-packs, etc, so I can plan out a buying strategy.

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    1. Yeah, I called again today after work and was told he still wasn't in. I am literally 1 Day UPS Ground from the distribution center in Grapevine. No clue what is up, but it does miff me that they explicitly listed 9/11 as the release date and fell short...particularly if they are doing all of this just for GTA V.

      I realize they might expect a big turnout 9/17, but you still do business as usual with everything else.

      I know a few of the Triple Packs, but none I know consist of Camo or Scratch...

      Boom Jet looks really good...Air definitely needed some fire power. Sonic Boom and Whirlwind are really the strongest of the bunch. Granted, Jet-Vac and Warnado are very unique, but not quite up to juggernaut status. I also like L-Rod, but he might be the weakest of the Air Element.

      I'm still hoping when I call later today they'll have PEB...I might try to go on the lunch hour if that is the case.

      Next time you are in take a look at the back side!

    2. The frustration continues....adventure...I mean I meant adventure!!! While I'm happy they took the pre-order, I have to agree...while they've helped me out many times, they fumbled this one. Makes me wonder if Activision dropped it on them last! Either way, I try to enjoy the pursuit as a game in itself.
      As for the Swap Force releases, I picked a path for us thru the revealed triple packs and known singles. As you have shown with your upgrade path videos, having a second figure can be worth while, especially for characters you like. Having that second figure be a variant is more satisfying to me than just a duplicate. Speaking of which, there seems to be a double packs with Nitro Magna Charge in the works. He looks cool in yellow and may be packaged with Free Ranger. That would work well for us for the above mentioned reasons.

    3. Yeah, I hear you on that...I'm just waiting for a phone call at this point. Can't blame the local store as they have been great. Just like you, I was told the 11th is when he'd arrive. That didn't happen. I've had several people tell me GS was to have him as a quick timed exclusive...That is now botched too as I know a few folks that have found him at Walmart :(

      I paid for my 2 so I am just going to wait it out.

      But yeah, I went in to E3 with the question of if we would see "Two Packs" for SWAP Force...I was glad to see that one come to enforces the concept to those unaware AND provides a bit more value.

      Fwiw, I have seen several leaks from earlier this summer where Nitro Magna Charge was listed in several 2Packs...don't know if they are regional or store specific etc.

      But yeah, the second is super nice for the other path AND getting it in a variant or special form is the hot ticket. Pretty much every Giant now, except Swarm and Thumpback had that for us. It is a lot of money to imagine 16 different swappers, but it would be a nice option if there was a favorite character etc.

      I'll keep you posted on PEB in my neck of the woods.

  3. Why is Zoo Lou's staff tannish/brown on the box? His staff was green if I remember correctly when they showed him in Gamescom. Weird

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    1. Yeah, I think the box is the issue...The "official" Gamescom artwork I was sent had art, figure, and in-game shots with an acid green staff...It could upgrade to that from tan etc, but my "toy" photo is green...It is definitely more likely to be "correct and final" as opposed to the display box that has other questionable attributes.


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