Friday, September 6, 2013

Unboxing Pokemon Rumble U Figures: Shiny Pikachu, Deoxys, and Lucario

This was the second half (Part 3 Overall) of our launch day haul from Thursday, August 29th, 2013!

I will archive this unboxing in the original post, which contains more info on the game and NFC communication, as well as a complete character list.  You can check it out here:

The three Pokeballs we picked up this time had the following characters:

-Shiny Pikachu!!  Yep, that explains me wondering why it wasn't yellow, lol.
-Deoxys (Normal Forme)

I grabbed all three of these on Launch Day as well...we just divided them up into 2 separate videos to speed things up...mainly because my Nephew had to get home and do some homework.

That said, I was stoked to learn that the coloring wasn't off, but that we had actually landed a Shiny Pikachu!  From what I understand these are very hard to come by and as of this point in time we only know of Shiny Pikachu, Shiny Eeveee, and Shiny Genesect.  Here is the video:

Opening 3 Pokemon Rumble U Figures: Shiny Pikachu, Deoxys, and Lucario


  1. Congratulations on the shiny pikachu and good luck getting the others u need and getting the black kyurem

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    1. Thanks...sorry for the slow reply, been having internet issues.

  2. An improved interface as well as a better inventory system and better balance in the collection of Pokemon were all added to the second generation games.

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  3. The considerably more fights the more noteworthy on the grounds that with each one, a Pokemon picks up encounter focuses (EXP) which empowers them to level up (making them end up being more grounded).

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