Monday, August 26, 2013

Unboxing Pokemon Rumble U NFC Figures

What?  Pokemon Rumble U NFC Figures
Where Did You Get Them?  GameStop
What Did They Cost?  $3.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like?  One Box on the Counter

Opening Up Two Pokemon Rumble U Figures: Piplup and Darkrai

NFC...Near Field Communication...that little area on the Wii U Game Pad just below the D-Pad.

Pokemon Rumble U launches here in the US on Thursday, August 29th, 2013 for $17.99.  You can get it via the eShop on the Wii U, or via download card at GameStop.  If you pre-order, or pick up while supplies last, from GameStop you can get in on Legendary Black Kyurem or White Kyurem.  I plan to get in on that!

The Rumble U Figures are a little smaller than Skylanders Sidekicks if that helps you determine the scale.  The cool thing is they only cost $3.99...the bad thing is they come in blind capsules so you will literally have to will your way to landing the complete set of 18.

That said, if you are running tight on cash, the figures are not necessary to play the game, unlock any additional content, or aid you in ways beneficial to someone not having the figures.  However, most Pokemon fans are diehards and these are cool, small figures at a budget price. Most folks can probably trade their duplicate figures with friends to make the process easier.

Regardless, you have do admit it is a neat concept.  While it is essentially the same thing we see with Skylanders, the goal here is just to have the ability to save character data and progress to the figure and then take it to a friend's house.  You simply place the figure on to load the game...and then scan it back via NFC to save the progress...very slick.

What I was going to say earlier is that this game is special for two reasons:  First, it is the very first Pokemon game for the Wii U.  Second, it is the very first time Nintendo has used the NFC feature of the GamePad...this is something I could see them continuing, and under this set up, I would not mind.  The figures are optional, inexpensive, and really just something for diehards to collect.

My Nephew, a big time Pokemon fan, was really into this and very excited.  We plan to pick the game up Thursday and grab a few more figures.  They would be right at home in the living room, at the dorm, or even in the office.  The fact the figures interact with the game is a perk.

For kids who may not have been exposed to Skylanders, this would make a nice stepping stone.

I am excited to try out Pokemon Rumble U as it would be my first foray into the genre.  I've seen quite a few episodes of the cartoon, heard my Nephew talk about it for 2 years or so now, and despite him always playing the game on the DS, I haven't really gotten any hands on time like I have with other titles.

Again, the only real downside is that the figures really are "blind."  You won't know what you are buying...that can come into play when you have 17 and are trying to land the pesky last one to complete the set...My advice is find other players and work the trade circuit!

The figures are surprisingly well detailed for $4...they are by no means close to the scale of detail found on Skylanders, but they are far from being a cheap, junk type toy.  These really are nice, versatile add-ons to what will hopefully be a fun solo and coop endeavor game!

Stay tuned for more on Pokemon Rumble U and of course, more Pokemon Rumble U Figure unboxings!

Round 2, 3 Figures (+1 Bonus): Genesect, Mewtwo, Croagunk, and White Kyurem

Round 3, 3 Figures: Shiny Pikachu, Deoxys (Normal Forme), and Lucario


  1. I agree with u about the blind packaging but maybe it is meant to stop people from just buying all of a single character and selling it on ebay because even if u buy a whole shelf full of figures you'll probably only get a handful of the one you want and it won't gain much profit on ebay since u only get a few of each character but in my opinion it looks like a good game but definitely not for people who want to get the whole collection as u could waste $50 on only 1 character u want.

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    1. Sorry, just saw your comment. I actually went in today and reserved 2 copies in hopes of landing the Black and White Kyurem for my Nephew. The employees didn't find jack in the system on it and we aren't sure they even have them to give away...I'll try to get back to the store tomorrow to pick it up (and hopefully the Legendaries). I did buy 3 more figures too.

      I'm not sure if it is to add to the "fun," make more money, or maybe just like you said to keep the ebay crowd from rounding up all of the Pikachus etc...The good news is you don't have to have the figures...

      The bad news is...I think we are going to try and get the full set, lol. This is one of those times it would be so nice to have someone in the area to trade with etc.

      I'll try to open them up with my Nephew if possible since he knows Pokemon so well.

      I'm excited to see how the NFC works and what the game play is like...It'll actually be my very first Pokemon game.

    2. Wow ur first pokemon game! That's... Interesting. How r u liking the graphics? Their actually quite different in rumble u than in regular ones like black or white or x and y

    3. Haha, don't know releases today (8/29) and it is currently 529 AM. I did the reservation to get the Legendaries...I may try to pick it up on the lunch hour or something...I want to be home in the evening for the Cowboys vs Texans. I'll try to play it late tomorrow night though!


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