Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force Dark Edition Starter Pack Exclusive at GameStop

Well, just as the post late, last night alluded to, we got our BIG news on the "Dark Secret" Skylanders Game had for us...

The big reveal you ask?  The GameStop Exclusive, Dark Edition Starter Pack:

Let's cover the details:

As you can see, this is your standard Starter Pack amplified with darkness (and a dash or two of Awesome).

Rather than just offer up Wash Buckler, Blast Zone, and Ninja Stealth Elf in their dark forms, we got the addition of Dark Mega Ram Spyro, and Dark Lockjaw (or is that Slobber Tooth?)  We also have what is dubbed the "Mega Character Poster."  I would love to know more about this...Is it simply bigger, will it include all of the potential variants etc?  More details would be nice, but a surprise would be just as cool.

The questions I have are pretty simple past that:

Is it Dark Lockjaw as indicated in the press release, or is Dark Slobber Tooth?  We saw this character in leaks a few weeks ago, and more recently a box was revealed with Slobber Tooth.  I'm inclined to believe this is Dark Slobber Tooth and that perhaps this release was crafted prior to the name change.  However, it could be that Lockjaw is correct...maybe this character will have a standard form name (Slobber Tooth), and a different Dark form name...My money is still on Dark Slobber Tooth, but we will see.

Next up, is it Dark Spyro and Dark Stealth Elf, or Dark Mega Ram Spyro and Dark Ninja Stealth Elf?  I, once again, lean more towards the adjectives being in place.  We already have Dark Spyro.  The S3 Skylanders (and S2 returnees from the original Giants cast) all have adjectives in front of their names.  This will help fans, parents, and everyone really keep the figures straight.  It only makes sense for this to apply here, thus creating Dark Mega Ram Spyro and Dark Ninja Stealth Elf.

I know many of you wonder about the available systems for this Starter Pack.  I currently do not know if it will be available for PS4 or Xbox One.  I don't see it being announced for the 3DS due to the differing line up in the Starter Pack...Plus, it already boasts Volcanic Eruptor, who follows in line with Dark Spyro and Punch Pop Fizz.  If not for the different characters (Rattle Shake and Free Ranger).

That said, what we do get for sure is:
-SWAP Force Game
-SWAP Force Portal of Power
-Mega Character Poster
-5 Sticker Sheets with Secret Codes
-5 Trading Cards
-5 Skylanders
-Bragging rights, value, and a unique collection!

The Dark Edition Starter Pack is up for pre-order now and retails for $99.99.

Let's take a look at the 5 Dark Skylanders Included in the Starter Pack:

Dark Wash Buckler
Dark Blast Zone

Dark Mega Ram Spyro

Dark Ninja Stealth Elf

Dark Slobber Tooth

Similarly, here are some screen shots:

Dark Slobber Tooth and Dark Mega Ram Spyro Coop:

Dark Ninja Stealth Elf

Dark Blast Zone in Swap Zone
Dark Wash Zone (Swapped)

Dark Blast Buckler (Swapped)

Dark Wash Zone and Dark Blast Buckler

All-in-all, this looks to be a great setup!  I plan to pick one up, likely for the Wii U.

You can pick up your Dark Edition Starter Pack at your local GameStop, or here:

And, just for good measure, here is the Official GameStop Press Release:

Are you going to pick up the Dark Edition Starter Pack?  Let me know!  I've also created two new blog polls:
-Which SWAP Force Starter Pack are you getting?
-Which Dark Skylander do you like better?

Check them out and vote!


  1. I prefer slobber tooth

    I like the fact that we were given a story unlike punch pop fizz or jade flashwing(the list goes on)

    I am definitely picking it up for Xbox 360 on launch day along with the 3ds version and the adventure pack and battle pack (and maybe a 3pack or 2) aswell as a couple of extra swap force characters

    This pack is definitely great value as it gives u five characters of five different elements so all u need is 3 more well chosen characters or the 3ds version and one more character and u have a character from all elements


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  2. Hay I found out about it yesterday on game stop .com and im getting the pre order for my birthday and some other characters by the way is crusher and granite crusher as awsome as u say

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    1. Nice...great timing with the bday! I really like Crusher's pose and GC looks sweet. That said, he is almost impossible to find...I wouldn't worry about him.

      Crusher does upgrade well, really comes down to your play style etc.

  3. Plus I prefere lock jaw it sounds cooler

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    1. Yeah, it is a bit more intimidating, lol. I have seen a picture now that is exploded...the card indicates Dark Slobber Tooth...so my assumption was correct.

      Lockjaw was likely the prototype name etc.

  4. Finally. Stealth Elf NEEDED a dark version. It really fits her "Silent but deadly" catchphrase. The fact she is a ninja, it fits since she is kind of "behind the shadows" in the dark form

    Noted something interesting on Dark Slobber Tooth (and on the regular) His Earth base is cracked and you can see a little slit of the blue Swap Force base. Could this hint that Slobber Tooth has some sort of earthquake attack? Well might as well mention he is my 2nd favorite Skylander and my Favorite Nonswappable character

    One other question. Will this starter pack be available on the ps ame day Skylanders Swap Force is released, or is Gamestop's release for December 31 correct? I'm asking because GS sometimes puts Dec 31 when they don't know when it comes out.

    Thanks for this epic info!

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    1. Yeah, it does fit Stealth Elf very well.

      It may just be one of the gems on the base...kind of oddly positioned right below him though...Another angle could prob tell us definitively. I wouldn't think they would start updating the bases to reflect the character's moves or stories, but you never know.

      Yeah, this will be a launch day release...Dark Edition, or Regular...you can get both at GameStop. I think they have updated the site now...if not, they will soon.

      No problem man...very cool set imo!

  5. I wonder if the Dark Edition will be available on November 4. I wouldn't mind having it for my birthday along with Rattle Shake.

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    1. Yes...it comes out on launch day 10/13 here in the US.

  6. Switched over to the Dark Edition...Picking up the regular character versions will provide us with a fun hunt over the next year and once gotten will provide a "second" version: Wash Buckler for instance to pursue the second upgrade path...Which leads me to a more significant Question:
    Will the swappable Swap Force characters have two possible upgrade paths or just one?? Think about it for a sec...Would the path of upgrade be carried in the base, not in the upper half? And, by golly, if they have the standard two-path upgrade..the potential variations approach mind-boggling proportions!!!!

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    1. I believe from what iv heard that the top and bottom will each have a different upgrade path so you can make nearly any character your own because there's already 256 swappabilities so u can make even more unique characters with variants and upgrade paths (over 1000 different possibilities)

  7. Ohhh FYI...I also switched my pre-order of the Adventure Pack and the Battle Pack to Toys-R-Us Online...They are offering a 60% discount on one if you order both...They give you no option and hit you with shipping but it does work out to @ $43. The second hitch is they ship on Oct 13th (Release Day)I usually go with GameStop but every little bit helps.

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    1. That is a good deal...what would have been great is if they actually offered the same promo with in store pickup! That said, I believe it was last year with Giants that they shipped the first Battle Pack early, albeit on accident, but it could happen again, lol.

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