Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Skylanders Giants Unboxing Gnarly Tree Rex

What?  Gnarly Tree Rex, Life Element, Giant
Where Did You Get It?  Walmart
What Did It Cost?  $14.96 plus tax
What Is Included?  Gnarly Tree Rex, Stat Card, Sticker Sheet with Webcode
What Was Stock Like?  This store had around 7 or 8
What Lights Up?  Eyes (Green!) and Photosynthesis Canon (Orange!)
Will He Be Hard to Find?  Currently unknown, but I would get him now based on what we have seen with other in-game variants.

Unboxing Gnarly Tree Rex

Expect the unexpected my friends!  One of the things that haunted many collectors and Skylander fanatics was Gnarly Tree Rex.  He wasn't like a Granite Crusher or Scarlet Ninjni...Well he is, but not in the sense of availability.  Since launch, Gnarly has been available, but with one BIG catch.  Here in the US you had to buy the special Wii Bundle.  You essentially had to shell out around $150 for a console that has a successor on the market to get the special Starter Pack.

A few people did it...More bit the bullet and paid a higher price for Gnarly, but much less than the console bundle.  Some, like myself, refused to do either.

I have a Wii (which I love), a WiiU, and despite really like the color blue, and thinking Gnarly looked great, I couldn't make myself shell out the cash to get him.  I was tempted when I saw the bundle advertised for $99 a few times.  At that price, you really can't go wrong.  That said, it is still a lot of money and I never did it.  I've said many times not to stress about variants, or rare figures...and certainly don't blow your bank chasing one down.  Think how many games, or regular Skylanders you could get for $150?  It just wasn't practical for most.

Well, much to most everyone's surprise, Gnarly Tree Rex showed up in Single Pack Form this past week!  Definitely unexpected by most Portal Masters.  While it is a tough pill to swallow for those that shelled out $40 or so for Gnarly (or got the console bundle and dealt with selling it off), everyone else is quite happy.

I, like most of you, had just relegated it off.  I was fine not having Gnarly Tree Rex.  Despite that status, it still ate away knowing things weren't "100% Complete."  Livable scenario?  Sure.  But those little things are annoying.

Now, for the price of $15 myself and those like me have landed the previously illusive Gnarly Tree Rex!!

With his appearance coming largely unexpected, you can still swoop in and land him early.  And that may be important.  If he winds up like the other Giants we have seen (Granite Crusher, Scarlet Ninjini, heck, even Legendary Bouncer as of late), you will want to act sooner rather than later.  As word gets out, scalpers will no doubt to buy up stock to hock on ebay.

Really, the only folks that would have been looking this time of year are the dedicated variant hunters and those still looking for S2 Drobot, Spyro, or Ninjini etc.

All that aside, this is great news for all of us and something I suggest you take advantage of while you can!

Here are a few pictures:

Gnarly Tree Rex, Lit on the Portal:

Tree Rex, Lit on the Portal:

Gnarly and Tree Rex, Lit on the Portal:

Left-Gnarly (Amber Photosynthesis Canon, Green Eyes)
Right-Tree Rex (Green Photosynthesis Canon, Blue Eyes)

Tree Rex, Lit on the Portal, Lights Out:

Gnarly Tree Rex, Lit on the Portal, Lights Out:

Basic Info

Gnarly Tree Rex
Life Element, Giant

Slogan: "Be Afraid of the Bark!"

Card Stats

Power/Strength: 140/150
Defense/Armor: 130/150
Speed/Agility: 55/150
Luck: 55/150
Totals: 380/600


Gnarly Tree Rex showing up in single pack form is a very, very pleasant surprise.  Not knowing what kind of quantities he is being released in, I would advise you pick him up ASAP if you plan to add him to your collection.  He looks great, is very well detailed, and as a bonus, even lights up differently!  Good luck!


  1. Yea, I know how it's at there at Wal-Mart. I have to go there regularly to pick up YGO cards (as I think scalpers got all of the packs I was looking for at Target), but I didn't have much problems there until you get to the lines, and boy, I try to find the QUICKEST line I can get so I can get outta there before anything ELSE goes on! I made the mistake last weekend going in there with the tax - free weekend, which is ridiculous, and I told myself, no matter what comes out there on that weekend, I'll just pick it up the following weekend, or hope that Gamestop gets it soon... Though, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised to get my Gnarly, though I wish I'd picked a second one as well... Maybe I'll do that at Gamestop as well as any other skylanders once we know if there's another Sidekicks promotion going on.

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    1. Haha, brilliant minds think alike! I can't stand that place...I shop at Target and the local grocery store just to avoid it. And I swear I save time doing that, despite the 2 stores and drive time. It is a nightmare every time I attempt to do anything there...

      Target sometimes has the cards not only at the front, but also on an end cap in the toy section...just in case that helps you any...That is where I got a lot of my Giants trading cards :p

      I plucked the 2nd Gnarly to keep sealed too..GameStop.com has them so I assume the stores should. I will prob make the rounds tonight and can check...there was a bad storm tonight so I came straight home from work.

      Have you seen the LC Flashwing pose yet? There has been a ton of news, cough leaks, but most are being requested to remain "unpublished" by Activision, so I'm trying to oblige. She has a pretty good pose. If you haven't seen it and I can't post it (I have an email in to check), I can email it :)

    2. Yea, I haven't seen her yet, but go on and do the email. You can get me at my gmail account, which I'll send to you in a ping on YT.

    3. You've got mail!

      And just fyi, I checked GameStop tonight and they did have Gnarly...I'd say maybe 4 of them.

    4. Thanks! I'm still wondering which version is the true LC Flashwing (I saw two on Google). I'll check the pictures tomorrow after work, but at least this way, when they start coming out, I'll know which ones to have my crew at Gamestop keep on the lookout for me... as soon as we catch S2 Dro, LC Chill, and LC Pop Fizz, that is. Also, now that I'm off on Fridays, I MIGHT get to go outta town as well, which means, I could easily get a few of the elusive Legendaries as well. :D And maybe, just MAYBE, find out if Wham's around still... Never know, right?

    5. Are you pre-ordering the Dark Edition Starter Pack? I'm glad GS got it.

      Just fyi, Walmart has S2 Drobot on site-to-store, which may help you out there.

      I haven't seen Legendaries of any sort at my local TRU in a long time...

      I still think you could possibly find that tower case WITH Wham-Shell sitting around somewhere.

      Hope you enjoyed the pics!


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