Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 2013 Super Quick Update: What's Coming on the Blog and YouTube This Week

Hey Everyone!

It has been a long time since I've gotten to do my usual Thursday Night blog update...

That said, it is 5 AM Tuesday morning, so this doesn't really qualify.

I'm going to keep this short, at least by my standards...

Series 2 Skylander Upgrade Videos

You've likely seen me mention that that Series 2 Skylander Upgrade Videos are coming...While I had planned to start making them live (yes, they are already on YouTube, just private...all of them up to Part 150 something in the Life Element area), something came up...

Blind Draw Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Battle Mode Tournament

My Nephew spent the night this weekend to wrap up Summer and we did a lot of recordings!  What I just blogged, and have the rest of the First Round uploading is a Blind Draw SSA Battle Tournament.  This has been the main hold up as the time involved in rendering has been nuts...

Before I go to bed the entire First Round will be live on YouTube and added to the blog post right below this one...I will try to add the pictures tomorrow.  The other goal is to get the rest of the tournament edited, rendered, and uploaded this week.

I want to get it done first before I get into everything else....

Beyblade Action and Shogun Steel Unboxings

I have a new Beyblade Tournament to upload, as well as 2 New Shogun Steel Unboxings.  I put them off due to putting a priority on New Super Luigi U and the Pokemon Rumble U NFC Figures we acquired Sunday.

I will work the Beyblade stuff in AFTER the Skylander stuff is up and going...

Brand NEW Skylanders SWAP Force Info

In addition to the S2 Upgrade vids, I have some really cool, new SWAP Force info to pass along...I've yet to see or hear anyone speak of some of it, so that will be cool...If I can get the rest of the tournament edited tomorrow night, I will start in on this ASAP.  It gets the priority after the SSA Tournament and before the S2 Upgrades.

Currently Recording:  S2 Skylander Upgrades

Speaking of S2 Upgrades, going alphabetically by Element and Name, I have them all up on YouTube thru Zook.  I have recently recorded Zook and Double Trouble.  Spyro and Wrecking Ball have the cash and are ready to go.  After that, I just need to get the cash for Tech, Undead, and Water.  I hope to work on that later this week and over Labor Day.

Wii U Surprise 2P Recording

Something else my Nephew and I recorded this weekend will remain a surprise...I will say it was on the Wii U.  It should be pretty easy to edit and upload...look for it shortly after the S2 Upgardes go live.

Upcoming Releases: Big Names, Great Games

We are coming up on the fall, which is when big name games start to drop...I have had a lot of questions on my purchase plans so I will make a stand alone post there.

Skylander Blog Posts...Look for Updates!

Similarly, I will be making a lot of updates to some key blog posts...more on that later.  You could see this as early as tomorrow :)

And just for good measure...

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Again, here in a few minutes I'll make all of the SSA Blind Draw Tournament's Round 1 Vids live on YouTube and the blog.  You'll see the rest of that tournament as soon as I can get it edited, rendered, and uploaded.  Next up will be some NEW SWAP Force Info.  We'll then see the "official" start of the S2 Upgrade vids (I will aim to have the entire set up before the end of the month...prob sooner).  Mixing in with those will be some Beyblade action and the Wii U surprise.  There will also be a lot of updating on the blog.

Stay tuned for some great things!

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