Thursday, August 29, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force: All 8 SWAP Force Abilities Officially Named

This is one of those "all too apparent" posts.

By now, we have all seen the base of the SWAP Force Skylanders and have an idea what they indicate...

An example is Rattle Shake.  It is pretty clear the "Spring" icon indicates something to do with a spring: coil, jump, bounce etc.

That said, most of the die hard Skylander camp likes to have facts...they want things to be official.

Skylanders SWAP Force 8 SWAP Abilities Revealed

Well, this post is to cater to that crowd.  While most are content knowing that Rattle Shake "jumps or something" and Grilla Drilla "drills, burrows, or digs with the shovel" others have to know exactly what it is referred to as by the powers that be...

So, what is my source?  The Fact Sheet that joined the release of information for Gamescom.  Activision hit the road this past week and headed to Cologne, Germany for the big trade show (very much like E3 here in the US).  With it, they used the platform to release some new information not just on the characters, but the game itself.  I think a lot of folks tend to over look this stuff when there are media rich pictures and video clips to drool over.

For better or worse, I read...and because of that, I have this information for you!

The Character Bios included cited the backstory for several of the SWAP Force Skylanders.  They begin with the pertinent info...

Wash Buckler
"Eight Legs and No Pegs!"

See what they did there?  Right after the Element of the Skylander, they cited the description for the base action.  Given the source, and the fact it was preceding the official background story, I am inclined to call this legit and ready to roll with it...

Again, most folks don't require the "official designation," but for those that do, this is about as close as it gets.  For the record, some that have an obvious action (Rattle Shake's Spring=Jumping), have other names...They are all very similar, but might not have been exactly what was predicted.  If you didn't watch the video above, here they are:

-Bounce (Rattle Shake)
-Climb (Wash Buckler)
-Dig (Grilla Drilla)
-Rocket (Blast Zone, Boom Jet)
-Speed (Magna Charge)
-Spin (Free Ranger)
-Stealth (Stink Bomb)
-Teleport (Hoot Loop, Night Shift)

I haven't listed all of the Swappers know a few more...I just wanted to give an example in the event you want to see the base etc.  Again, most of us had a general idea, but now, with the release of this information, I feel pretty good this is about as good as it will get in terms of those who seek "official confirmation."

I will be making a video to recap the Character Bios and will also be adding them ALL to the blog

What do you think of these designated names?  Any you are surprised by, or would change?  How close were your guesses?

Stay tuned for more Skylanders SWAP Force News!


  1. Might as well help you get a few more Skylanders Swap abilities which are official.
    Spy Rise=Climb
    Fire Kraken:Bounce
    Freeze Blade=Speed
    That leaves empty spots in the Spin, Stealth and Dig. These Skylanders were leaked on amazon UK (you probably know) andi personally don't know their abilities, but I can guess. It is Magic and two Earth Skylanders missing. I can say one Earth is dig for sure (who wouldn't)
    Thanks for putting all this info in one place

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    1. No problem...Thanks for the heads up. I actually know pretty much everything at this point, but after the copyright strike for the first big leak I'm hesitant to put it up...I've checked on a few other leaks and it has always been something they were working to get removed, so I've just held off...A couple of the more recent things are still "live" but probably not for long.

      I may update the main character list with the info, but hold off on pics and definitely videos.

      There have been two big poster leaks the last few was all SWAP Force and the most recent showcased a few newer, lesser knowns and the return of a fan favorite!

      Eventually I aim to have a great layout, pics, bios, etc...I just don't want to do it and find I need to pull the info I just added etc, lol.

  2. could you make a list of the combinations to have one of every element and ability?

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