Monday, August 19, 2013

Unboxing Beyblade Shogun Steel Ifrit Salamander Fire Synchrome 2 Pack

What: Beyblade Shogun Steel Ifrit Salamander Fire Synchrome 2 Pack
Where Did You Get It: Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost: $16.99 ish plus tax (honestly don't remember, just go with less than $20)
What Was Stock Like: Well just set up the display!

Unboxing Ifrit Salamander Fire Synchrome Two Pack

Something I've had for quite some time, and have wanted to get opened up and tested out is a big box of Beybades.  I got a good deal on some back around Christmas...That said, the displays had grown stagnant, always having the same things, and never any Beys my Nephew was looking for...

After just 2 weeks of not checking our local TRU restocked with the new Shogun Steel line!!

We caught the display, figured out what it was all about, and decided to just stick to the Beyblades for now...The rest can come later.

I picked up a Two Pack and a couple of singles to have us some cool, new Beys for the summer.  This past week, we FINALLY got around to opening them, lol.  The two singles are still waiting...along with a nice assortment of the old guard.

The Blade that caught my attention was Samurai Ifrit...looked great, even i the packaging.  Lucky for me, my Nephew decided to stake claim to Ninja Salamander (the battle videos are coming!!  I had to get the Skylanders Castaways vs Newlanders stuff cranked out first!).

That said, we were both very excited to unbox these new Beys!  Just for the record, I know realize that Shogun Steel is basically our version of Zero G...Last I checked around I was under the impression Zero G was going to launch here in the fall on Cartoon Network and have toys out before Christmas...I didn't realize that the toys were here and under the Shogun Steel line.  And yes, this post is being typed BEFORE the video is uploaded and LIVE on YouTube...not that many commenters will come here and check...oh well.

The coolest thing, in my opinion, about this pack was the E230 Spin Track on Samurai Ifrit...The Elevator Disk concept is really cool.  I think my Nephew's favorite feature was the way the Warrior and Element Wheels tied together.  Check the box for the breakdown:

Anytime I can unbox with my Nephew, I like to do it...especially with Beyblades since he is more attuned to the community than I am.  We recorded a showdown between Samurai Ifrit and Ninja Salamander right after unboxing!  We also tossed in a few other battles...Be on the lookout for that video!


  1. I haven't watched the video yet but from the box and post I don't understand the combination thing is it a 5 part beyblade or a 6 part beyblade? I don't really know about these beys because for Australia we r 1 or 2 series behind in regards ti the anime (we still only have metal fury) and 2 or 3 series behind with the toys themselves ( we still only have metal masters)

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  2. I would consider it a 5 Part: Face Bolt, Warrior Wheel, Element Wheel, Spin Track, and Performance Tip. Samurai Ifrit's is pretty interesting due to the Elevator Disk that slides up and down for the Spin Track...I'd never seen anything like it.

    I think you can basically just ditch the Element Wheels on each and build with the Warrior Wheel's and selected bottom end (Spin Track and Performance Tip). Lots of options from what I can tell...the name of the pack came from the Ifrit and Salamander Warrior Wheels.

    Hope that helps...all new to me. Last I checked (maybe June), I was under the impression Zero G was coming, and it would be called Zero G...Apparently Shogun Steel is our Zero G, just localized to the US. The anime hasn't started here, but I was told mid-August, which is now, lol.

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  3. Is it just me or are the Greek gods always being left out in beyblade u get Pluto, Jade Jupiter, Vulcan Horusius, Proto Nemesis(this ones actually the same in Greek and Roman) it's the same thing with the planets you don't get Jade Zuess or Hephaistus Horusius. I'm just wondering why the Greeks are left out, the Romans actually stole the Greek gods and changed their names.

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    1. Win the wars, write the history an interesting observation. I've always wondered where the names came from...

    2. The names come from various places:
      Egyptian gods: Vulcan Horusius(Horusius is an Egyptian god)
      Roman gods: Jade Jupiter etc
      Star signs: saggitario etc
      I can think of 1 bet from Greek mythology: Hades Kerbecs
      Animals in dome cases: eagle,gether etc but most animals are also star signs: bull, Leone etc

    3. Oh I just meant like how the developers picked the names, lol.

      That said, Earth Eagle is one of my personal favorites. My Nephew and I watched some Japanese episode of Zero G and he said that the other main guy in the episode was the one that had Earth Eagle.

      I looked at my other singles for Shogun and one has another E230 and the other is an A230.


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