Thursday, August 8, 2013

Skylanders Giants Purple Metallic Wrecking Ball

This Tuesday turned out to be a pretty good day!

Much to my surprise a mystery box from Activision arrived...

Inside, I found Purple Metallic Wrecking Ball!!

I have to say, he looks great!  This will also hopefully serve to dispel the rumors that the Purple Metallics are "fake" variants.  They are, in fact, 100% legit.  I even got confirmation that the folks at Activision even refer to them as Purple Metallic, just as the fan base does.

As usual, this round of chase variants has taken form among 3 of the current cast of Skylanders.

On the Giant side we have Purple Metallic Eye Brawl.  Joining Wrecking Ball we have S2 Lightning Rod, who looks pretty slick in the Purple Metallic paint scheme.

I have to say, the coloring really does fit Wrecking Ball.  In fact, that is why in the video I said he would be the most likely to be found.  My logic?  He looks so good and at home in the Purple Metallic he might be overlooked by employees and or other Portal Masters.  While Eye Brawl and Lightning Rod look good in the same paint schematic, they do draw your instant attention as being "out of place."  Wrecking Ball, however, wears this variant coloring flawlessly.  You could literally whiten his teeth back up and all but the keenest Skylander Hunter would likely bypass him.

Sadly, I didn't have the heart to open him, BUT I did do my best to really highlight the coloring.  The pictures you have likely seen online from ebay auctions do this coloring no justice in my opinion.  That is why when I opened him I was taken back...The Purple Metallic looks way better in person that what I had seen online.

I do want to mention that the color actually shits and has a bit of a chameleon to it.  The shade you see depends on lighting.  At times he is dead on Purple Metallic, but twist him to one side or the other and you might catch a shimmer of a pink and a glistening dark really is quite impressive to see.

All that aside, many thanks to the folks at Activision for sending him out!  I can't stress enough that you do have the chance of landing a chase variant.  It all comes down to luck and timing.  While some are plucked by employees, a few will filter through...Wrecking Ball looks so good in this variant scheme he may be one to slip thru the cracks...

These three Purple Metallics kind of caught everyone off guard.  We have a few still looking for S2 Drobot, and some for Ninjini, but aside from the recent release of Gnarly Tree Rex, most have been sitting on their hands biding for news regarding SWAP Force.

Take this as a pays to be diligent!  You never know when the next phase of variants could crop up...keep making the rounds and always be alert.  If you find anything let me know!  There are approximately 1,500 of each of these Purple Metallic Skylanders so stay on the hunt!


  1. Is the purple eyebrawl the sane as pumpkin eyebrawl or r they 2 different things?

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    1. Definitely not the same thing. Pumpkin Eye Brawl will either wind up being a recolor for Halloween...I don't know about in game variant since no one has reported him in "research."

      It could also just be like "Easter Chill." That of course was Chill in a special Easter egg thing to give to kids...It is kind of unknown right now.

      I'm hoping it will be an orange recolor..That would let me have a 2nd Eye-Brawl for the other path.

  2. How on earth do you get these things???? I want in!

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    1. Just kind of a grassroots marketing deal...I've been doing Skylanders stuff since SSA launched. PR and social media takes notice and is kind and cool enough to help some of us out to in turn help further the good word of Skylanders.

      I'm hoping that because of this someone is able to land a Purple Metallic in the wild!

      I thought I'd found a PM Eye-Brawl last was regular :s

  3. Nice one on Purple Wrecking Ball

    I recommend you try out Skylanders Lost Islands. It is a free game for the iPad, and it features holiday variations of Skylanders, which are called Alter Ego Skylanders. (Example, Fireworks Zook, Surfer Slam Bam, etc) The Alter Ego for this. Month is Grill Master Chop Chop. If you get the game, please add me as a friend (Zaidzilla is my gamer name)

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    1. Thanks...I actually have Lost Islands...I've played it twice. Just haven't had time to play much. I did really want Surfer Slam Bam though.

      If I get to play more, I'll post up here etc. I have Battle Grounds and have never played...just too busy :(

  4. I gots me 2 purple wrecking ball and 1 purple lightning rod. Was pretty stocked to snatch them up!! :)

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    1. Awesome! Congrats on the haul! Was that all in one go? I think Wrecking Ball is the easiest to filter thru employees hands bc it blends with the default color. Sorry for the slow reply, I never got a notice on this one.


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