Monday, August 12, 2013

Dark Skylanders in SWAP Force

Late last week we saw a true teaser shot from Skylanders game across all social media:

What we can conclude from the posted image is three basic things:

1.  There is a "dark" secret.
2.  There are 5 pairs of eyes involved.
3.  We will get answers today (I'm blogging this at 4:41 AM lol).

We since saw another teaser about guessing who anchors are secret new group:

Clearly, the image and description allude to Wash Buckler.

If you look closely you'll notice his attire is black and his blue tentacles are now more of a gunmetal grey.  

It makes sense this could be a new contingent of in-game variants.  Whether this ties in with Dark Spyro from SSA, or is more akin to the Legendary Skylanders we don't know.  Will this just be a recolor or will there be a different pose?  Will the moves and powers be standard issue, or will there be different or new upgrades for this dark legion?  At this point we just don't know; it is all speculation.

I'll likely be at work when the reveal breaks, but rest assured I will assemble the information and relay it to you!

You can get the info first hand by following Skylanders Game on Twitter, Circling them on Google +, or simply checking their Facebook Page.

I can make out most of the eyes (and maybe all of them in all honesty), can you?

Stay tuned for the big reveal!


  1. i think all 5 dark variants COULD be in a mega pac with xbox 1 or ps4 because 3 of the 5 characters are in the console starter pack
    the mega pac would probably have the 5 dark variants an xbox1 or ps4 console and a copy of skylanders swap foce for the respecive console

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    1. Yeah, they could potentially be a console bundle in that regard, perhaps why they haven't listed it for either one as a stand alone? It is either that, or they expect limited quantities.

  2. 1ofWiisdom, there is a new Dark Edition Starter Pack exclusively from Gamestop. I don't know if it is only for preorder. It comes with dark colors of Wash Buckler, Blast Zone, Ninja Stealth Elf and also comes with two other core skylanders with dark variants. Lockjaw and Mega Ram Spyro.

    Have you heard about Disney Infinity? i can't decide if I will be getting that or SF.

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    1. Yep...I got the official post up tonight after work. Just did this one as a teaser.

      Yep, heard of Infinity...I would suggest you go with the one you will enjoy the most etc. Infinity is more of a sandbox game from what I know.

    on the picture on the side of the box there is an image i can meke out the towere of time the fiery forge but there is a third thing aswell perhaps another ap or bp?

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    1. Ha, that would have been nice making the video...Our GameStop doesn't have the exploded view of the pack like EB did...I did use the PS3 shot though.

      I pulled it up and honestly can't tell much of anything.


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