Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Barkley Skylanders Giants Sidekick Unboxing

What: Barkley, Life Element, Sidekick to Tree Rex
Where Did You Get It: Frito-Lay Promotion
What Did It Cost: $2.50
Order Date: July 10th, 2013
Arrival Date: August 6th, 2013
Blog Link for More Info on Skylanders Giants Sidekicks: https://www.1ofwiisdom.com/2013/06/skylanders-giants-sidekicks-promo-with.html

Any Monday can turn into a pretty good day when Skylanders are involved...Such was the case today as Barkley and Mini Jini both showed up!

Unboxing Skylanders Giants Sidekick Barkley

Barkley was my second choice for Giants Sidekicks...I had him right behind Eye Small.  After opening Barkley I now consider him the best Sidekick.  His detail, for the scale, is immaculate.  He retains key features seen in Tree Rex and has a great pose to go with his superior detail.  

Here are some pics to showcase just that:

Barkley, Front:

Barkley, Back:

Tree Rex and Barkley, Front:

Tree Rex and Barkley, Back:

Tree Rex, Shroomboom, and Barkley, Size Scale:

Tree Rex, Barkley, and Gnarly, Because It is Cool:

Barkley, Eye Small, Mini Jini, Thumpling:

Tree Rex & Barkley, Eye-Brawl & Eye Small, Mini Jini & Ninjini, Thumpling & Thumpback:

Gill Runt, Terrabite, Barkley, Eye Small, Mini Jini, Thumpling, Trigger Snappy, Whisper Elf:

Good luck landing your favorite Skylanders Giants Sidekick!

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