Monday, September 23, 2013

Official Skylanders: "Just Like SWAP Force," "Countdown," and "Hitting the Wall" Trailers

Another day, another round of new looks at Skylanders SWAP Force!

We have a humorous "Just Like SWAP Force" trailer where Eruptor and Jet-Vac attempt to combine powers like the SWAP Force Characters only to have their attempt fail and be greeted by Kaos...and his Mom!

Official Skylanders: "Just Like SWAP Force" Trailer

Continuing on, we have "Countdown" a clever, play-on-words video introducing SWAP Force Newlander, Countdown (whom I am already thinking will be a "blast!").

The final trailer, "Hitting the Wall" shows how Fire Kraken was able to swap bottom halves with Wash Buckler and use his unique climbing ability to scale a vertical wall. You can see several S3 Skylanders and there is that giant group of figures toward the end you can pause and examine.

Official Skylanders: "Hitting the Wall" Trailer

We are closing in on under 3 weeks until SWAP Force now...Are you ready?


  1. I am estimating Wave 1 to cost around $600

    Ninja Stealth Elf
    Wash Buckler
    Blast Zone
    Dark Slobber Tooth
    Dark Mega Ram Spyro
    Dark Ninja Stealth Elf
    Dark Wash Buckler
    Dark Blast Zone
    Bumble Blast
    Knockout Terrafin
    Volcanic Eruptor
    Rattle Shake
    Free Ranger
    Nitro Magna Charge
    Roller Brawl
    Grim Creeper
    Star Strike
    Magna Charge
    Hoot Loop
    Pop Thorn
    Slobber Tooth
    Super Gulp Pop Fizz
    Lava Barf Eruptor
    Zoo Lou
    Blizzard Chill
    Mega Ram Spyro
    Legendary Free Ranger
    Legendary Night Shift

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    1. It sounds better when you don't mention the prices, lol.

  2. All Skylanders have been officially revealed on the a Skylanders site. Sorry, I am just freaking out because my head can't handle this information seriously

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    1. The list I posted is just what is known or suspected to be Wave 1

    2. Same here...information overload on that end of the spectrum. Artwork, stories, videos, screen shots etc...not expecting it all at once.

  3. I have to admit at the beginning he wasn't too high up on my list, but then the countdown began(on the new website that is) lightcore countdowns explosive figure was revealed and then he rocketed up my list(all puns intended)

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    1. I was always kind of into him...that new gameplay clip I cranked out this morning further supported that! Did you see how he just blew up the entire screen? I think his LC should be very nice...might even cover for Drobot's lacklusterness, lol.


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