Thursday, September 19, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force MP3 Soundtrack

Right after finding that PowerA's sweet storage solutions and SWAP Force accessories might just be in-store at TRU (and some were up for Pre-Order online) I stumbled across the MP3 Soundtrack on Amazon!

I've sampled everything already (it will go live on September 24th, 2013) and it sounds great.  My only wish is that we could get a physical copy as opposed to the MP3 only route.

That said, check out the tracks (click the image below to go to Amazon):

Note, that you can click the Track List to Enlarge It.


  1. I love MP3's (I have an MP3 player I take with me to the gym), so I could get this soundtrack, add it to my MP3 player, and when I'm doing my walking or biking, I could play it to imagine myself in Skylands! :D Perfection! :D I'll have to remind myself to get an Amazon Gift Card for it so I can pick it up around that time. :)

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    1. Nice! Yeah, I like them too, I just prefer to have the physical copy on disc and then add it to the library, lol. Guess we can download it on Tuesday!

      When did you start up on the gym? Don't know if you've ever played Island Cycling on Wii Fit Plus, but it is great (uses the balance board). If you get tired of it, you can run (uses only the Wiimote). It works great for bad weather days :)

    2. Started last week (I believe) to try to get rid of some belly fat I've been gaining since working at the call center (sitting around does nothing to you), but the place is pretty sweet, with an indoor pool, a second level walking track, and some pretty nice additional courses to take, like the ones for Abs and one of my newfound favs, Zumba. Sadly, after over-exerting myself on abs this week, I've been sore, so I'm healing myself up before next week and then go back again and take things a bit more slowly.

    3. Haha, I feel for you...I've been gaining a bit myself here lately, mainly for the same reasons (and eating of course!). Halloween is always tough, especially because Halloween Oreos are my favorite :D

      That does sound pretty cool with the suspended walking track. I have heard Zumba on Wii is supposed to be pretty good (not graphically or anything, just in terms of a workout).

      Oh yeah...if you start in hardcore with abs it will come back to "hunch" you (see what I did there, lol)?! A few years back I hadn't gotten to really do much ab stuff in awhile and I did some roll outs...Everyone said how hard they were and I was proud to be cranking them out..So I just kind of kept adding sets etc. At the time, you honestly can't tell you are over doing it...Then a day or 36 hours later it hits you...I've walked hunched over many times, lol.

      Insanity is just really hard on your legs, particularly the lower legs. I would steer clear of it and just take things slow. I honestly did the full 60 days and saw virtually nothing (although my legs started to look like a Kenyan sprinter, haha).

      Good luck...If you haven't seen the Wii Fit U Direct you should check it out...It really is a fun game and there is now even the "walk the world" thing with Google Earth/Street and the balance board...kind of like the fancy treadmills that mimic popular hikes etc.

      I'm hoping to just get more free time this fall to lift weights and keep walking as that seems to be what works best for me. If things don't pan out quickly, just remember there is more to like about us, haha ;)


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