Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Skylanders Giants Spooks up Pumpkin Eye Brawl

As much as things like Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon launching in the Spring and not Fall (cough, before Halloween, cough) bothers me a bit more than most, I have to like the fact when something meshes up properly.

You've likely heard rumors of Pumkin Eye Brawl for awhile now...I know a ton of people have asked me if he is legit.  My answer was yes...and now we can add him to our least in Canada.  Those of us stateside will just have to wait about a week now.

He was first leaked on cduniverse...then retail "juggernauts" Sears and Kmart added him for pre-order, albeit with no picture or box art etc.  This led to a lot more speculation, but helped convince me this was in fact a real deal.

How those two retailers opened up before GameStop, TRU, Walmart, Target, Amazon etc is still beyond me, but oh well...

I have to thank John from the blog and Facebook for letting me know we could actually pre-order PEB from GameStop!

  John D Cunningham's photo.

I was running errands last night and put in my pre-order.  I think the price was $15.99 (got some other stuff and don't have the receipt on me).  Pumpkin Eye Brawl should arrive in stores Wednesday, September 11th, 2013.

Big question past that was the usual:
-What Is His Name in the Game?
-Does he Look Different?
-Level 5 and Cash?
-How does he look on the portal?

Well, since our neighbors to the north have Pumpkin Eye Brawl (as of today) we can answer those questions.

Pumpkin Eye Brawl's name in the game is "Special Eye Brawl" and he does not start at Level 5 with any coins.  Also, in game he appears like regular Eye Brawl.  I will save the light up info for the actual unboxing video...which should hopefully come next Wednesday!

Nonetheless, this is another special Giant and gives folks like myself a legitimate, non-duplicate 2nd Eye Brawl to explore his other path.

At this time we don't know if he will fly off the shelves or stick around like Gnarly Tree Rex.  My thoughts are he should be easy to find initially, but with Halloween coming we could be in for a scare.  Parents that are aware of him, or kids that know of him, will likely request Pumpkin Eye Brawl over candy...this will put a dent in the supply.  The other, and bigger concern, is of course the scalpers.  They know PEB will be big around Halloween and without knowing if he'll be stocked deep, or shipped in limited quantities for a short time they might buy up stock.  I've already had a few Canadian readers tell me they have experienced going to their EB Games trying to land him today.

That said, I wanted to get the word out on Pumpkin Eye Brawl and his pre-order status.  GameStop is likely a better bet for most.  Currently, there is still nothing mentioning him on their website and I've yet to know of another major retailer with a pre-order.

As soon as I land him I will post pics and the unboxing!

Good luck landing your Pumpkin Eye Brawl!


  1. Got 2. One for me and my brother!

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  2. Do u know if it's available in Australia?

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    1. You know...I am not sure to be honest. You could check with your version of GameStop to see if they list it...I would assume if y'all get it they would want it out BEFORE Halloween. For what it is worth, GameStop still doesn't list it on their website. That cduniverse place might ship your direction...I have done no business with them.

  3. I checked at Gamestop's website (just before I went up to pick up KH 1.5 and TOTALLY forgot to ask about Pumpkin Eye-Brawl, d'oh!), and I didn't see him up for pre-order. I heard that he's coming out around Halloween. Is this true, or is he out right now?

    This might be one where I'll have to look at (ugh) Wal-Mart again. XP Here's to hoping when I go to Gamestop that I nail him.

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    1. Oh good timing. Yeah, the website has NEVER listed or mentioned him, there is no flyer or poster in the store, yet if you go to the counter and ask them to search for him he'll come up...weird?!

      I pre-ordered him last Wednesday and was to get him today...I went in and they didn't have him yet...I was told tomorrow. Given that, I'd say your local GS should have their shipment tomorrow, or Friday.

      As best I know he will be exclusive to GameStop for a short time. No clue why they didn't promote it better if that is truly the case. That said, I should have had mine you should be able to reserve him, or have them hold you a pair etc.

      Oh, and be sure to check the Swap Force box ;) Or the back side anyway! I'm about to make a post on that find right now!!

    2. Didn't happen that way. Mine however, can ship to home, though, so that might happen. Gonna wait about two weeks and then go for that option. I wanted to get another Scarlet as well, but they didn't have her on the website, sadly. However, at Target, I picked up a second Eye-Brawl, so now, I don't have to stress out on what path I'm taking him down. For now, he's boxed still until Pumpkin makes his debut, and then, I'll unbox him. I might call sometime next week to see if he's spooked up as well.

    3. Yeah, this kind of got botched...not sure why. West coast folks have reported to me they have landed PEB at if GS was to be a timed exclusive, they missed out, or Walmart is also in the mix.

      He is now up on the website, which is likely why your store offered you that option...I've had other people that went in on release date (Wed) and were told they couldn't pre-order (which supports the original plan that they should have had him then), but they could order him...

      My store is to get 6 and 2 are the ones I pre-ordered :D I am just waiting for a call at this point.

      That said good luck landing him and the others...Have you picked up a 2nd Thumpback yet? I haven't...I tried, but they sold out of him and EB online so they just sent Swarm.

      I'll post up as soon as I get the spooktacular Eye-Brawl!

    4. Haven't got a second Thumpback, but I did get my second Eye-Brawl, and the good news is I just called GS, and they got one held of six, but I had 'em put back a second one as well, just I could make sure that the one I was getting was the better one (as we know what happened with Scarlet for me. :P). I haven't decided if I'll unbox him or not yet, but you know when it gets to be October, he'll be joining me up at work. :D Halloween's my favorite holiday, so this Skylander's going to be an awesome decoration up there while I'm at work. :D

    5. Seriously? Halloween is your favorite holiday? Mine too!! Definitely try to put them on a portal, the one I opened has his light offset a bit from center...The Activision one and the one for my Nephew are centered. It isn't a big deal, but might as well get the best possible! I might have to bring mine to work too :D

  4. PEB Has Landed!!! GS called and had him in...had to wait in line with 30 people pre-ordering GTA V for its release at! Still it was fun...have a story on that but I'll post that when you do your PEB unboxing! What a quest!!!!

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    1. Nice...maybe it really was held off just to be sent with more GTA V shipments...My store called during the lunc hour and I ran up to get PEB after work. They had people camped out waiting to be first in line already, lol. Luckily, no heavy foot traffic of last minute pre-ordering like you had to go thru...


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