Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Scarlet Ninjini Magically Appearing at Target May 19th, 2013

I have gotten reports and solid confirmation that the much anticipated Scarlet Ninjini will finally be making her debut at Target on Sunday, May 19th, 2013.

This follows suit with Jade Flaswhing and the earlier released Granite Crusher, but Scarlet will not be exclusive to Target.  In fact, my local GameStops (and those near the distribution center) had her on the shelves Thursday-Friday, May 9th-10th).

I again have to stress that the Target Exclusives can be hard to locate and find stocked at many stores and in many regions.  As I've said before, I saw Granite Crusher at my local store on release day and never again...Jade was only seen twice at my local Target.  I realize some folks have store that handle more inventory etc, but for everyone else (or those with scalpers) they are much harder to come by than say your in-game variant from Walmart or Legendaries at Toys'R'Us.

Bottom line, if you want her...I'd act fast.  She should be available at multiple outlets, but the dates are uncertain for Walmart, Amazon, etc...Given how the last few exclusives and in-game variants have been I would treat her as if she was a store exclusive and move fast.  If Target is your planned means of landing the magic ninja genie, I would go as early as possible.  Granite, Jade, Molten Hot Dog, etc have all been relatively tough to land.  They do get re-stocked eventually, but there are still plenty of people who have yet to land Granite that have been trying since launch!

I also hope you had enough faith in me to not go out on a limb and buy her from Amazon Germany...If that was the only option, I might have done it...No point paying extra freight and having to wait all that time (I know a few that ordered her and have STILL yet to get her in hand).

I will keep you posted on any other news breaks regarding Scarlet or the other yet to be released Skylanders.  Similarly, if a link goes up online I'll post it...That is your safest bet to avoid a potential disappointment at your local store...

Stay tuned and happy hunting!


  1. I don't think she'll be an exclusive. The reason I say this is that my Gamestop's getting her this Monday, so I'll be picking mine up then. I found that out today when I was putting some more money down on one of my pre-orders. She hasn't shown up on the website though, so I'll keep watch there as well... at your store, I mean. :)

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    1. By the way, check out my G+ for a delightful surprise. :D Just in case you don't want to wait until Target, that is. :D

    2. Yeah, Scarlet should be available everywhere here...I will hopefully be getting one soon, but will prob try my GameStop tomorrow. Several folks around the dist. center got her Thurs. and Friday...

      I haven't found links anywhere aside from the scalped Amazon ones.

      Supposedly some don't light up well, and others have bad cosmetics (ie eyebrows not painted, only one painted etc). Looked like you got a good one.

      I've also been told she is shipping dedicated (ie full box of 6).

      Glad you landed need to deal with Target, lol.

      I'd like to get her in ASAP as she is who I record next in the Giant Upgrades vids.

      I've just been really busy since the internet connection got fixed, and then going out of town didn't help much either.

      Hope you enjoy her!

    3. Yea, my Scarlet's swords (the one in the upright position) had some bad paintwork done on it, but maybe it's just battle-damaged? Ah, well, at least I landed her. :D

    4. Yeah, that is the main thing...I bet she is easy to touch-up on the sword end :D

      I called and my go-to GameStop is going to hold one for me if they get her in...I'm hoping they get a shipment tomorrow or Thurs for me!

      I just upgraded Ninjini and took her down Ancient Djinn Magic since Scarlet's swords are gold and that matches the last upgrade in Swords of is those little details, lol.

      Also upgraded Bouncer tonight...Went with the poll vote to determine it...both seem okay, but I wonder if Robot Rocketeer isn't better...Super Machine Fingerguns seemed to bump the damage from 7 to 8...I was expecting double :s Both seem fun though.

      Ninjini should be interesting to use with Dijinn Magic...I'll let Scarlet dictate Swords of Might!

      I'll also get your pics up here in 3...2...1...


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