How to Get Famous on YouTube Quickly and Make a Million

How to become a YouTube star and promote your channel

If you want to become famous on YouTube, you need to show your personality and treat your subscribers with love. Establishing a close connection with your audience will put you in YouTube's crosshairs and, using some marketing techniques, you can become not just a popular personality, but a household name. Quickly get worldwide fame and popularity is possible with the service, where you can inexpensively get subscribers, views and likes on YouTube. If you have a lot of free time, you can use our following tips. The following instructions will help you understand how to create a successful channel and entertain an audience of thousands of subscribers. If you want to know how to become famous on YouTube, read this article.

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Prepare the soil

  • Be on trend. If you make videos related to the news or showbiz world that everyone discusses and views online, your chances of becoming famous will increase. Keep your finger on the pulse of everything related to your favorite topic, and try to make videos and upload them no later than 1-2 days after the news releases. You never know at what point your video will become mainstream.
  • Do video responses and parodies. Take a well-known YouTube video and create a response or a hilarious twist. Responses and parodies are very popular and are a great way to ride out someone else's popularity. Your video will appear in the search results for the popular original source. Original video story creators love answers and parodies because they add even more popularity to their creations:
  1. Use the right tags so your video doesn't get lost in the bottomless depths of the internet.
  2. Make a parody of a famous video, it's a good way to boost viewership.
  • Collaborate with famous YouTube users. Find famous people at gatherings, communicate with your favorites directly through YouTube or Twitter. Ask them if they want to create a collaborative video. This way, you can become a more recognizable and prominent member of the YouTube portal. Lots of people have become better known this way!
  1. Before you contact someone, think through the idea for a collaborative video so that the person you're going to contact knows that you can bring something of your own to the table and they don't have to do everything themselves.
  2. Look for people with a similar style and subscribers to collaborate with. That way you will be able to divide your audience.
  3. Don't turn away those who need your help or ask for collaboration. One of the unspoken rules of YouTube is to help each other and share the wealth.
  • Edit your video with a video editor . If you have a great video, you can improve it that way and your fame will only be a matter of time.

Continuously add new content. If you constantly create interesting, original content videos that are relevant to the lives of your viewers, you will sooner or later begin to be recognized. Don't give up if you haven't come to prominence after a few months or even years. Be enthusiastic about making videos, about being a part of the YouTube portal, and you will be successful.

Communication with viewers

Get subscribers and views on YouTube

  • Make your channel presentable. The success of your videos will depend on its appearance, so add charm to it. For starters, come up with a catchy name for the channel and add a cover art. Give a brief description of the channel to give viewers a brief overview of the content you offer for viewing.

  1. Set a unique background image.

  2. Update the look and description of the channel as new videos are created and added. The information should not become outdated.

  3. You can add links to your other sites in the channel description and use this as an online promotion.

  • Tag your videos. This is very important. Without the right tags, no one will be able to find your video. When you upload videos to your channel, choose tags that best describe the video content. Don't use the same tags as other users, or your video will get lost among thousands of others.

  1. Choose keywords that match the content of the video, don't confuse viewers with keywords that don't relate to the essence of the video.

  2. Use general and special tags to attract more viewers. These can be names of people you mention, keywords about the events you're talking about in the video, and so on.

  • Distribute videos only to people you know. If you have no connection with the person, don't ask them to watch your video or give them a link to it. That's just the height of tactlessness in the eyes of YouTube users. Instead, work on the relationship you already have and let the viewer form naturally. Don't expect results overnight, be persistent and the number of views will go up.

  1. Share links to your videos on social media like Vkontakte, Facebook or Twitter.
  2. You don't need to spam links to videos to strangers in private messages, on your wall or in comments.
  • Communicate with your subscribers. To gain popularity, respond to everyone who leaves feedback. It's a good way to build new relationships with your followers. If someone leaves you a nice message, reply! If someone asks you for advice, give it. Be generous and friendly, and you'll get more people's attention. There are some other good ways to interact with your subscribers, such as:
  1. Add friends to subscribers who are trying to be friends with you. Share the love with other people.
  2. Start a Twitter account and subscribe to people who subscribe to your YouTube channel. Interact with them as much as you can.
  • Browse other people's channels. YouTube is a community, and if you want to be popular, you have to take an active part in its life. Interact with people, leave messages on their walls, message them in private or on Twitter. Leave positive feedback.
  1. Watch the video before you leave a comment. People will know you're not telling the truth, especially if you spam links to your channel.
  2. Consider the interests of your viewers when you subscribe to other channels. Put a "like" mark on videos that might be useful to them. Leave links to videos that can help improve your channel.
  • Publish new videos at least once a week. To keep people coming to your channel, you need to update it regularly. If possible, do it on a schedule, so people know when and what they can watch. The videos should be of high quality and with some kind of twist.
  1. In between new videos, "like" other users' videos and promote other content so that your subscribers have something to do while waiting for a new video.
  2. Stay in touch with subscribers throughout the week, not just on the day you post a new video.

Create a great video

Any youtuber publishes his videos, hoping that many people will not only watch, but also like, leave comments, subscribe to the channel or even follow the links left behind. And there's no need to hide it. Practice shows that if you do not encourage viewers to action, then they themselves will perform these actions, if at all, very sluggishly. It's better to immediately ask your viewers to fulfill this or that request.

  • Be yourself. The audience will only need ten seconds to tell if you're being sincere or not. Are you funny, impressionable, sweet or hot-tempered? Whatever your personality, show it in your videos. Act like you do with your family or friends in the video. Otherwise, viewers will look elsewhere for authenticity and entertainment.
  1. You may be nervous the first few times you create a video, that's quite normal. If it helps you, imagine the camera is your friend, sister or brother. Make jokes or candor as you would with someone you trust.
  2. Don't be afraid to be embarrassed! If you falter or say something that isn't funny at all, your viewers will rely on you even more because they'll see that you're just as human as they are. People don't go on YouTube to find videos of Hollywood stars. So act natural.
  3. You don't want to imitate someone else's style. Find out what your originality is and use it.
  • Demonstrate something grand for your audience. If you look through the list of the most popular videos on YouTube, you'll notice that each one is interesting in its own way. Some have great music, others have thoughtful advice, and still others will give you a few minutes of entertainment. What do you have to offer people who will watch your video? Keep this in mind every time you create a new video.
  1. What are you an expert in? Start with your own life. Give advice based on your experiences, like how to be the most popular girl in school, how to make out, how to play the guitar or build a robot, or how to straighten curly hair.
  2. Voice your opinion. About politics, the world of show business, sports. It could be anything.
  3. Say something funny. Make a joke, tell your pet's antics, spoof someone's video or copy a famous person.
  • As you speak, make eye contact. As if you were standing in an auditorium in front of an audience. Speak clearly and concisely and make eye contact with your viewers on YouTube. This will keep viewers' attention and make your videos more interesting. Look straight into the camera and say whatever you want to say.
  • Improve the quality of the video. No one will expect a perfect video on YouTube, but if it has poor lighting and sound, no one will watch it to the end. The best way to get quality video is to use a decent video camera. Some cell phones have good enough video quality, so it's not that hard to get the effect you want. And no matter what camera you use, do the following things to improve video quality:
  1. Turn on the lights when you're shooting at home. This will brighten the image and make it brighter and more interesting. Experiment with turning the lights on and off in different parts of the room until you are happy with how the video looks. Make sure your face is clearly visible, even if the background is a little dark.
  2. Eliminate background noise. Turn off your air conditioner, get your dog to stop barking, and turn off the TV in the next room. These noises can significantly reduce the quality of your video.
  • Edit your videos. Use moviemaker or any other similar video editor to improve the quality of your videos and make them more interesting. Cut your video down to 2 minutes, longer videos often won't hold people's attention unless the video shows something really impressive. Keep these factors in mind when editing:
  1. Use video lightening tools. It shouldn't look too dark and dull.
  2. Cut out the boring parts. Pauses, dumb facial expressions, coughs, sighs and other unnecessary moments should be cut out of the video so it doesn't lose momentum.
  3. Add text and music to make the video more personal. It's not necessary, but you can add music as a background and insert text to give some explanation. It's a good way to make the video appealing to viewers, for example, it could be a funny description of your actions in the video, or a link to your Twitter, Facebook, or Vkontakte profile.
  4. Your video won't look complete until you come up with a great title and description for it, and make sure the thumbnail of the video can get attention.

Tips for the successful promotion of videos on YouTube

Let's summarize and gather all the information that was presented in the article into a few of the most basic points:

  1. YouTube takes a screenshot in the middle of a video and uses it as a preview image. It's also called a "thumbnail. Many people judge a video by its thumbnail, so try to make it interesting.
  2. Don't get selfish and vain when you get to the top. Remember that your fans and viewers are the ones who have allowed you to reach these heights, and stay humane!
  3. Take advantage of trailers, especially if you plan to make a sketch, game or production. Parodies also tend to get a lot of views. Be creative and original. Put at least a minimum of effort into your video creation and your hard work will be rewarded.
  4. Be yourself! If you are going to show the world who you are, make the process fun and don't try to be something you are not.
  5. Remember, nothing happens overnight. Learn to wait and try to collaborate with other known users.
  6. Practice and don't cheat on your dreams!
  7. Make sure your video doesn't infringe on copyrights, meets the stated theme, and is interesting to viewers.

Unfortunately, video hosting is so clogged that no matter how good the content is, it is unlikely that many people will notice it. That's why people, asking in a search engine how to become popular on youtube, get the answer - to promote a channel. Of course, you are lucky if you personally know some popular person who is willing to promote you for free. But for everyone else it will cost a lot - a blogger can take up to 100 thousand rubles for a simple mention in his text. Therefore, it remains to look for other ways out. And we found them!

  • Annotations in videos offering to subscribe to the channel by clicking; Strangely enough, but it works! Insertion with a request to put a "like" also makes sense, so many people just forget about it;
  • You're my friend, and I'm your too; Find with the help of search channels with a similar number of subscriptions and offer their owners mutual advertising! Offer people to personally subscribe to you;
  • Look for any users under the comments of any video and send them a message. But it's better to set yourself a limit - 45 messages a day. Otherwise, YouTube will count you as a spammer. Leaving comments along the lines of "the same at me, only better" under videos with themes similar to yours.

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