The Best Fake Number Providers Sites For Online Verification

The need in virtual directories increases every day. They make lives of content managers, business owners and simple people easier. You can most likely agree that changing a SIM-card every time when there is a need to create a new account on social media, messaging applications or e-mail services is not very comfortable. This is when fake virtual directories come to help. 

Online verification is requested on all popular platforms and fake directories are the best solution to the matter. Different providers offer different conditions. It is necessary to review the most popular ones in order to decide which one has the most suitable conditions for your needs. 

It is also crucial to find out if the provider offers numbers for rent or only one-time numbers. For example, if your account gets blocked for some reason, you will need the same number that you used during registration to renew it. 

Let’s discuss the best fake directories providers for verification online. Hopefully, it will make your search easier and quicker. 


OnlineSIM owns more than 10 000 phone directories in more than 30 states globally and supports all the popular platforms. You can buy virtual number for sms verification. This accommodation offers both short and long-term types of rent. Besides, you can try their benefits for free. They protect the data of their clients. All directories work properly. 


It’s a virtual phone directory accommodation with no sign-up fees. You can get messages on directories from different countries. This application is available on both iOS and Android. 


Twillio gives its clients a free trial directory. Though, you will have to provide your real directory in order to register on their site. You will have a possibility of getting SMS, but no opportunity of sending messages.

This accommodation has directories in over 228 states. You can choose any directory for verification online. It happens that the directories are idle and the user must repeat the operations from scratch. 


SMS-Online boasts 8 phone directories from 8 countries for verification online. If you subscribe by e-mail, you will receive notifications in case of appearance of any new numbers. This accommodation works properly, but the variety of numbers and states is really small.

Making a choice you should count on the reliability of the company, the variety of numbers, states and operators, percentage of idleness and protection level. It is up to you to use a paid or free virtual number. SMS verification should come promptly.

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