The New VR and upcoming games

VR is trending. Many games implement this function into their new games or even mane games specifically for a VR experience. GearBest, for example, offers game consoles that have a VR function. The shop also offers some accessories that are necessary if you want to make use of VR. You can read honest reviews of GearBest here. But what is VR? What kind of games support this function? And what are the accessories you need?

What is VR?

VR stands for Virtual Reality. It basically means that this feature shows a game or film as if you are actually there. You will get a 3D image of your surroundings. But it’s more like 3D that is in front of you. It’s like another dimension that is all around you. You will feel like you are part of the world that the game or film shows you. Every step you take or movement you make influences the direction of your main character. You need to have eyes in the back of your head because all of the action might take place just behind you. First person shooter games are perhaps the best games for VR, but also some fantasy games and sports games lend themselves for this function.

New games on the market

New consoles or features always include games especially devoted to that feature. VR s no different. Creed: Rise to Glory is one of the games designed for VR. It’s a boxing game and you follow a protagonist called Adonis “Hollywood” Creed. You’ll have to fight in order to become the champ. Story bits are told via a radio program that plays in the gym, your sanctuary during the game. The fights can be done via VR. There are some limitations to this game. Reviews say it’s hard to know when you actually managed to hit your opponent because current VR lacks bodily feedback. Still, if you are a fan of boxing games, you might want to give this game a shot. Other games that include a VR component are Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Hover Junkers, Rez Infinite, L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files and Thumper.

What kind of VR equipment is on the market?

Naturally, you need a game console or other device that supports VR. PlayStation 4 was one of the first game consoles to do so. Their PlayStation VR can also be used on the Wii U and the Xbox One. But the honour of being he first true VR game console goes to Oculus’ Quest. Besides the console itself, you can also need some other supplies to get started. A headset Virtual Reality is mandatory, otherwise, you won’t be able to close yourself off from everything else. You might also need some special controllers that have special functions linked to VR. Not necessary but adding to your experience is the Bluetooth Control VR Game Shooting AR Gun. This gun is especially used for shooter games.

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