Thursday, April 9, 2015

Skylanders Trap Team Research: Echo Upgrades and Attack Damage Numbers

Echo has continued to impress me since I unboxed her.  She looked much better out of the packaging, delivered better damage than we expected (my Nephew helped in her Introduction), and continued that through her Base Upgrades and Upgrade Paths!

Box Stock

Echo’s Siren Scream deals out an impressive 111-166 over 5 Hits, or 8 Seconds.  The Bubble Bombs home in on enemies and deal 40-60, with a max of 2 Active at a time.  This makes a for a very solid, stock pairing!

Base Upgrades

Echo’s base upgrades themselves evolve her into a very formidable Skylander.  Sonic Slam is her tertiary attack and offers up a quick and instantaneous 140-210!  Pitch Control ratchets up both the damage and duration of Siren Scream.  The attack now deals 133-199 and lasts about 13 seconds and sends off 15 instances of damage if you are on target.  4-Beat is straightforward…you can now have 4 Bubble Bombs active at once AND they do more damage at 56-84.  Lastly, Subsonic creates an aftershock after Sonic Slam that covers a nice radius and deals 28-42, sometimes twice.

Bubble Up!

This is a great defensive path.  Bubble Shield lets you hold the secondary attack button for about 2 seconds and enter into a bubble.  While in the bubble, damage is reduced big time!  In testing, I took about 1/3 of an enemy’s actual damage (27 standard vs 9 in the bubble).  That alone is huge!  It also seems that the stock, 1 bubble covers around 24 or so in terms of damage before bursting.  Also of note are a few important details the game and strategy guide leave out.  First, you just hold the secondary attack button long enough to enter the bubble…there is no need to continue holding.  Second, you can stay in this mode indefinitely if you are not getting damaged.  Third, you can both move AND execute both your primary and secondary attacks while IN the bubble.  I was under the impression you would be in pure “defensive” mode and not have access to these attacks.  If you try to do the Sonic Slam you break the bubble at this point in the path…that is what I thought was going to happen if I used Siren Scream or Bubble Bombs.  Power Pop is up next and it makes the Bubble Bombs to max damage at 80-120, which is a pretty big jump and DOUBLE what we had box stock!  Burst My Bubble lets you use the tertiary attack to blow up the bubble.  The result?  140-210!  Also of note, I believe if you collect more bubbles while in the shield you will increase the durability AND explosive force.  You can collect up to 4 Bubbles.  The biggest explosion numbers I saw were 313-469.


Singalong is the opposite of Bubble Up; this one is pure offense!  Ultimate Pitch Control lets you spam Siren Scream indefinitely.  The damage stays at 133-199, but it is nice for those who like a steady stream of a solid attack.  Scream Out lets you do a scream attack after any Siren Scream.  I have only seen a critical 199 in testing, but I suppose you might sometimes see 133.  I was a bit disappointed this wasn’t a slightly higher number range to differentiate it from the Siren Scream, but 199 is 199.  Ultrasound is where things really get interesting.  If you charge up Sonic Slam for 3 seconds, Echo goes into a semi-shielded mode where she will deal 28-42 3 times before firing this attack off…Also of note, you can manually fire it off before she automatically does with no loss of damage.  And what is that damage you ask?  How does 700-1050 sound?  Yep, easily one of the highest, non-Soul Gem, non-Wow Pow, not Elite attacks in all of Trap Team!  The three seconds really isn’t that hard to allocate either, especially given the rewards for making the time!

Soul Gem

Echo’s Soul Gem is pretty cool.  If you fire off a Bubble Bomb and hit it with Siren Scream, it turns into this large, blue orb of light and music that causes enemies to become entranced.  They can’t help but stare at the bubble and it deals 28-42 (40-60 Bubble Up!) over time and finishes with an 84-126 (120-180 Bubble Up!) explosion!  It is important to make note of my parentheses there…The Soul Gem is benefitted by Bubble Up’s Power Pop, which accounts for the difference between the damage sets.

Echo Attack Damage Numbers


Echo was very surprising.  I kind of expected the least from her in terms of what we had in Wave 4 and I would say she has over delivered at every interval (unboxing, stock, base upgrades, and paths).  She has two great paths and is very formidable on either.  If you like to play defensive, or prefer a more challenging path, Bubble Up is what you will want to take.  If you are more into big, “wow” type numbers and simplicity, you can’t go wrong with Singalong.  I think Bubble Up is the more balanced path, plus it does a bit extra for the Soul Gem and you still have the same 133-199 for Siren Scream via Pitch Control in the base upgrades.  The Bubble Shield is not to  be underestimated!  Burst My Bubble’s damage output really helps validate the offensive side of this defense oriented path.  However, Ultrasound is not your run of the mill upgrade and has to be regarded in that light.  The ability to infinitely spam Siren Scream coupled with a killer upgrade to Sonic Slam make that path just as formidable.  Oh, and I don’t believe I’ve mentioned Ultrasound has a HUGE radius!  Overall, you can’t go wrong with either one…If you like offense and big numbers, go with Singalong.  If you prefer defense and a more unique/challenging path, take Bubble Up.  If funds allow it, Echo would be a great Skylander to have one for each path!

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