Sunday, July 3, 2016

Stardew Valley Marriage Poll: Abigail vs Haley vs Leah vs Penny

Let's Play Stardew Valley E44 - Gatherer
& Marriage Poll! Abigail vs Haley vs Leah vs Penny
Vote for Your Favorite Gal & Tell Me Why They Are Your Favorite!

I am having to make this post a bit in advance (by the time you see this I will be out on the open road en route to an Independence Day destination to better celebrate 'Merica!).

That said, we had 4 interactions in Episode 44 of our Let's Play Stardew Valley series and it prompted me to poll you, the audience, as to how you felt about the ladies of SDV.  I have to say, based on my experience thus far in the game, these interactions were about par for each, give or take a few theatrics.

I had my initial impression BEFORE playing, my early favorite based on a little gameplay, and now a reconsidering of the rankings personally...that said, I will not let you know how I am leaning...I simply want to know which lady you think I should pursue and WHY.

So, if you think I need to go after Haley because you think she is the prettiest, Leah because she is the nicest, Abigal because she has purple hair, Penny to get her out of Pam's trailer etc., let me know who and why.  If you think one is nice, but another is slightly more appealing, expand on it.

I know Emily will be eligible for marriage as well, but she isn't quite yet, so I didn't include her in the poll...if you think she is the best candidate, let me know why as a comment.

Anyway the last few weeks of work have been quite busy and with the trip I have busted by butt to have enough videos to cover the few days I will be, enjoy them!  Thanks to a recent YouTube purge, I lost about 300 subscribers, so if you notice my videos missing from your feed, please resubscribe!

I will have a special Independence Day video going up, some Minelogix, and possibly a "new" series as well...Once home I will make a Channel Update video, so stay tuned for that...I also do have more SuperChargers coming your way...Battlecast has been heavily requested...tell Activision you want it on PC!  It would make so much sense there and I could easily record/stream it.  Right now, I simply don't have a way to play it.

I hope you enjoy this video and let me know who you think I should go after...If this is your first taste of Stardew Valley, I encourage you to check it out...everyone who has done so has wound up getting hooked on it!  Similarly, if you haven't seen Wiisdom Plays Minecraft, it would be enjoyable as well!

That said, I will quit rambling...Thanks for your continued support and viewership...I hope everyone has a great 4th of July (see what I did there, worldwide!), and for my fellow US Citizens enjoy your Independence Day!

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