Monday, July 10, 2017

July 2017 Channel Update with Shotgun Farmers

 Hey Everyone,

If you are reading this, you probably took the link in the are can read this in FRACTIONS of the time it would take to watch the video (there really are some great kill streaks in there tho!).

This video kind of sucks...I wanted to combine a Channel Update with gameplay and apparently I should have recorded the gameplay with no commentary and then voiced over it, live and learn.
That said, we did get a lot of sweet kill streaks!
This video is actually a perfect representation of my current predicament.  Work has been insanely busy and as such my already sparse free time has really dried up.  I always like to upload 2 videos a day to allow for more diverse content and simply to progress thru playthrus a bit quicker.  As things stand right now, and at least for a few more weeks, 1 video a day remains the most likely scenario.

-Wiisdom Texture Pack by BlackPants: Look for a Showcase Soon!
-Wiisdom Plays: Cool Projects, Lots of Time Invested Off-Camera
-Minelogix: Adding New Members, If Interested Apply; Will do Collabs Soon!

-Still need Chompy Mage and Lost Imaginite Mines + Ro-Bow
-Plan to do APs and levels up to Kaos
-Skylanders Research for all Sensei
-Final Battle with Kaos
-Skylanders Research for Imaginators
-Gamercore Grind?
-Maybe Racing

-I would have been uploading MK8 and Breath of the Wild and more, but with the time constraints, it isn't prudent to have to record, upload, and then wait a week to get vids approved for release...When things slow down, I'll get back on it.

NBA Playgrounds
-Will continue and mix in with daily vids

Forza Horizon 3
-Will continue and mix in with daily vids

Commander Keen Secret of the Oracle
-Near completion, stuck in a secret level :s

Stardew Valley
-Will resume eventually; I love this series and like it as a "2nd video"

Hidden Folks
-Plan to complete and then replace with another recent pick-up

Steam Summer Sale
-I picked up what I hope will be some great titles that should keep me busy for quite some time!

Live Streams
-Most likely going to spend more time on Mixer, with some still taking place here on YouTube


  1. You have compiled a great list of games. However, I find the video very interesting too. Overall a very good reviews and post. Thumbs Up!

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  2. These kind of videos compilation is a good effort. All the favorite characters and episodes could be seen in a single episode.

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