Friday, December 19, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team Unboxing Light Element Expansion Pack SunscraperSpire with Knight Light

What: Light Element Expansion Pack: Sunscraper Spire
Where Did You Get It: Special Delivery
What Does It Cost: $29.99 plus tax
What is Included: Sunscraper Spire Location Piece, Knight Light, Heavenly Hawk Trap, Stat Cards, Sticker Sheets, and Light AND Dark Stickers for Poster and Traps

Unboxing Light Element Expansion Pack

Notes of Interest:

-There are 3 Light Element Traps
--Heavenly Hawk
--Shining Ship
--Beam Scream

-The Sunscraper Spire
--Lights up on the Portal
--Does not function as a Magic Item in the game

-There are Light and Dark Turrets in KAOS Mode

Knight Light: Light Element, Trap Master
Slogan: "See the Light!"

Card Stats
Power: 250/250
Armor: 100/250
Agility: 100/250
Luck: 100/250
Totals: 550/1000

Introduction #34: Knight Light and The Midnight Museum

Game Stats
Max Health: 430
Armor: 12
Speed: 70
Critical Hit: 70
Elemental Power: 25
Total: 607

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