Friday, December 19, 2014

Eon's Elite Terrafin Unboxing, Intro, and Upgrades

What: Eon's Elite Terrafin
Where Did You Get It: GameStop
What Did It Cost: $24.99
What Is Included: Elite Terrafin, Case, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet
What Was Stock Like: 4-8 ish (Totally Unexpected)

Unboxing Elite Terrafin

Slogan: "It's Feeding Time!"

Card Stats
Power: 400/500
Armor: 500/500
Agility: 100/500
Luck: 100/500
Total: 1,100/2,000

Game Stats
Health: 930
Armor: 54
Speed: 50
Critical Hit: 90
Elemental Power: 25
Total: 1,149
Introduction #36: Elite Terrafin

Elite Terrafin Upgrades

Brawler Upgrade Path 

Sandhog Upgrade Path

Attack Damage Numbers
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