Friday, December 19, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team Unboxing DarkElement Expansion Pack MidnightMuseum with Knight Mare

What: Dark Element Expansion Pack: Midnight Museum
Where Did You Get It: Special Delivery
What Does It Cost: $29.99 plus tax
What is Included: Midnight Museum Location Piece, Knight Mare, Shadowy Spider Trap, Stat Cards, Sticker Sheets, and Light AND Dark Stickers for Poster and Traps

Unboxing Dark Element Expansion Pack

Notes of Interest:

-There are 3 Dark Element Traps
--Shadow Spider
--Dark Dagger
--Ghastly Grimmace

-The Midnight Museum
--Lights up on the Portal
--Does not function as a Magic Item in the game

-There are Light and Dark Turrets in KAOS Mode

Knight Mare: Dark Element, Trap Master
Slogan: "Nowhere to Hide!"

Card Stats
Power: 150/250
Armor: 110/250
Agility: 250/250
Luck: 40/250
Totals: 550/1000

Introduction #35 Knight Mare and the Midnight Museum

Game Stats:
Max Health: 350
Armor: 36
Speed: 85
Critical Hit: 40
Elemental Power: 25
Total: 536


  1. Are there any stickers for the skylanders themselves? I dont want those question marks up in the skylander section :/

    Reply Delete
    1. Yeah, it is on the usual sticker sheet shown in the video...I can't take pics of them because people still steal codes, lol.

    2. Ah yes I understand, I was a bit confused because you said put the villain stickers on the poster, but nothing about the characters themselves. Thankyou for clarifying.


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