Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nintendo of America's News Breaks with Reggie

On October 21st, 2011 (the day of the Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Concert), Nintendo of America launched the first of what is looking like it will be a regular video series.  It was basically Reggie, the COO, talking about things to come for Nintendo, here is the link:

If you are looking for a quick run-down, here it is.  As a big Nintendo fan and with more and more checking out the YouTube Channel I figured I would do my part to keep you "in-the-know."

Hulu: Hulu is coming to the Wii and 3DS.  I believe it will run $8 per month.  I'm not interested, but for some it will be a big hit and go nicely with Netflix.

3DS System Update: Ok, this was totally worth listening to the bit on Hulu to hear.  Towards the end of the month (November) there will be a nice update to the 3DS.  How about nice meaning we can now record true 3D Video and store up to 10 minutes!  There will also be Stop Motion Animation.  I'm sure all of us will enjoy this feature, some might buy a 3DS because of this feature, and it is if nothing else something to brag about being able to do!

Street Pass: Mii Plaza.  Big news here as there will be more puzzles and new challenges for you to enjoy with your collection of Miis.  A lot of folks who enjoy this feature have been anxiously waiting and hoping something like this would happen and you can now go back to scurrying about to complete the challenges!

Skrek Characters do Thriller in 3D: Again, this one isn't that big to me, but if you are a Michael Jackson fan or big on the Shrek series you might enjoy it.  For the rest of us it will probably be hilarious to see, but takes a back seat to the system update.

Game Library: Yeah, we knew this was coming and it will no doubt result in 3DS systems flying off the shelves (go thing you've already got your do have a 3DS don't you?!). 

On the eShop you'll finally see the E3 teased Dillon's Rolling Western where you basically play the role of an armadillo defending an old west town by rolling thru enemies.  Also specifically for the 3D game play is PushMo where you will face over 250 3D puzzles.  And keeping with the 3D capabilites you have Freaky Forms where you can draw a character and then have them explore a 3D landscape.  Last but not least, is SwapNote where users can hand write/draw 3D messages with pictures and voice.

And keeping with hte expanding Game Library theme, here are the big ones:
10/24/2011: Pokemon Rumble Blast
11/13/2011: Super Mario 3D Land
12/4/2011: Mario Kart 7
All 3 of these titles are 3DS only and are sure to be the driving force behind holiday sales...I know I am ridiculously excited about SM3DL here in 10 days and Mario Kart in about a month!  If you want more insight on MK7, Reggie suggests you check out the video on (and on the Nintendo Channel) where the Iwata Asks installment goes over some aspects of the game.
Lastly, Reggie closed with the reminder that Wii owners can finally draw down the wait time as Skyward Sword is going to hit shelves November 20th!  He also mentions how this holiday season is the most expansive in Nintendo of America's 25 year history.
That pretty much wraps up the video...check it out if you need more details on anything mentioned.  Also be sure to vote in my poll regarding which Nintendo title you are looking forward to the most this holiday season!

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