Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure: Unboxing Hex

Hex is a Skylander from the Undead Element and her slogan is "Fear the Dark!"  Out of all the second-wave of releases, Hex is who I have heard about the most.  I have had countless people tell me how great of a character she is once powered-up.  I'll investigate that claim ASAP, but for now, here is the unboxing and check below for stats and more info:

Hex (Undead Element)
-Elemental Power: 70
-Armor: 70
-Speed: 40

Hex, as mentioned, is supposed to be a great character.  She is the 3rd Undead Element Skylander to be released and will join:
Chop Chop (Legendary Chop Chop)
Ghost Roaster (Dark Light Crypt Adventure Pack)
Cynder (Not yet released 11/30/2011)

I picked Hex up in the form of a single pack for the suggested retail price of $7.99 at my local Toys'R'Us.  I believe she will be part of a Triple Pack that will include Dino-Rang and Zap for $19.99.

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