Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review of Translucent Red Drill Sergeant

Well, I took a little road trip tonight and came up with the Walmart Exclusive Translucent Red Drill Sergeant (TRDS in my own little world).  Let's take a look at the review:

Here are the basics:
-Drill Sergeant (Tech Element)
-Variant Form: Translucent Red
-Where Can You Get a TRDS?: Walmart...It is an exclusive
-How Much: $8.96
-Buy Online?: No.  Get it at your local Walmart...DO NOT buy from ebay scalpers
-Does TRDS Show Up translucent red in the game?: No, he will look like regular old Drill Sergeant.
-Any thing special?: TRDS starts at Level 5 and has 2100 Coins

Not much else to say...Personally  I don't think the "translucent red" looks too great...It is neat, but there are times it looks like a pale strawberry jello...TBB (translucent blue Bash) on the other hand looks great in person.

Also note that if you want to keep TRDS packaged, but would like to cash in on the Level 5 and $2100 you can play him on the portal with no of both worlds...enjoy in game and keep mint for display and future value!

As of right now (July 7th, 2012) we really don't know if TRDS will be flooding Walmarts across the country and spilling into grocery aisles, or if he will be somewhat limited.  A lot of people claim they see "50" at their local store, but the most I've seen in a picture is 12-18ish...not 50.  That said, I wouldn't be surprised it this is just another way to get $9 out of you, but if you are a collector, variant hunter, or more importantly just a Drill Sergeant fan this is worth the $8.96 asking price.

Also note that Drill Sergeant was released as a Gold Variant as well...that one will no doubt be more valuable, but this is at least a widely available variant and a nice addition to your collection.

I try to rotate him around to showcase the color changes in the video...some people will like the coloring, I felt it would have been better suited if it were a shade or two darker with a bit more gloss...

Nonetheless, if you are interested you should be able to find TRDS at a Walmart near you.

I will try to check back in my local stores and monitor sock from time-to-time...I'll also keep up online...I'll include updates in the weekly blog posts.  As of now, the store I got mine from received 12-18 last week and had 3 tonight...They have only had 1 shipment.

Stay tuned for more updates and good luck landing your TRDS!

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