Friday, July 20, 2012

Skylanders Sidekicks

Back when the Sidekicks were first announced I would get a ton of questions on them...then it kind of slacked off...Now it is picking up again, and for good reason...You can send in to get them NOW!

The video should cover the basics and let you see the packaging, order form, and walk you through the process, as well as allow you to enjoy me griping about what you are surely concerned about...having to rank them and not being guaranteed you'll land your number one:

So here is the low-down:

Activision and Frito-Lay teamed up (once again) to promote Skylanders and Frito products.  The catch this time is you have to buy a specially marked Frito-Lay multipack (Classic Mix or Flavor Mix).  These retail for roughly $6.99 where I am at...

Inside the specially marked package you will find a special order form.  You need to fill it out, send $2 check or money order to the address shown, and then patiently wait 8-10 weeks to see which Sidekick shows up.

I say that in all seriousness.  They stress in several places how quantities are limited and you are not guaranteed to get your first pick...fantastic.  The issue here is there is a 4 per household limit.  So say your daughter wants Whisper Elf and your son wants Terrabite.  You send in both order forms with them ranked might get 2 Gil Runts.

Now say you intercept the package, don't tell the kids, and send off again...What if you get 2 Trigger Snappys this time?  Now do you have to involve in-laws or other relatives to land what your kids actually wanted?  Or do you resort to craigslist to try and trade them?

It is a total crap shoot, and no one wants to gamble on something like this.  Most people will either want the entire set or just x, y, or z.  I might submit for Terrabite tomorrow and only find that 10 weeks later I got Gil Runt because they didn't have Terrabit in-stock, or worse yet, they were all shipped out.

There is just a big unknown element here and it will not do anyone a favor...collector, casual fan, or parents.

I understand not getting your #1 choice come November, but I really hope right now (within a few weeks of the promotion's launch) that we could not find that to be an issue.  Nonetheless, that is the biggest drawback.       No one wants to spend $2 for something they don't want...and collectors will be livid if they get 3 of the 4 and a duplicate etc.  There are just a lot of variables and no real solution in sight.

As for what the Sidekicks do, I think it is nothing...They basically seem to just follow you around and just kind of "be there."  I don't think they'll do damage, but I'm hoping they might pick up food, items, etc for you, but there is a very real chance they will just kind of serve as your coat tail.

Still, fans and collectors alike will want to try and land the set or at least their favorite Sidekick!

As I learn more I will keep you updated.

Good luck!

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