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Skylanders Frito-Lay Fire Bone Hot Dog Giveaway

Overview of the Frito-Lay Fire Bone Hot Dog Giveaway

Well, the video is a bit long, but it covers what I know...

I have not won yet, so I don't quite know the details regarding if you have to pay Shipping & Handling, how long the estimated wait time to receive a prize is etc...If you have won and know these details, please feel free to post up.

While I think the variations of Fire Bone Hot Dog are pretty cool, I am not a big fan of the methods of entry.  I realize they are trying to make things fun (I assume that is the goal anyway), but as someone with common sense who has collected and monitored feedback from you on these promotions the last few years, this leaves a LOT to be desired...especially with three variations of the winning figure that are shipped at random.

You can either find the chips and scan the back of the bag with the "blippar" app from your tablet, or smart phone, or call a toll free number.  Regardless of your method of entry, you have one per day.

Unlike previous contests (Quick Draw Rattle Shake, Halloween Fright Rider) this one features THREE VARIATIONS of Fire Bone Hot Dog.  I keep seeing people say they are white or crystal/glass...maybe I'm color blind, but it sure looks silver to me.  Each figure appears to share the exact same aesthetics minus the flames on the bone.  The three colors are: Red, Green, and Purple.

In my opinion, the Red is really similar to what the standard figure has, so Green and Purple are slightly more desirable.

There are 5,856 Treasure Hunt Fire Bone Hot Dogs available for the contest, which started July 7th, 2014 and runs until September 5th, 2014.  There is no information regarding how the color variations make up that total.  Doing the simple math we would have 1,952 of at least there is a possibility that they are equally allotted.  There is also a limit of 4 wins per household.

As usual, the chips (at least for me) are very hard to find.  I can find plenty of variety packs, just not many of the promotional Frito's credit, they got the bags out EARLY this year...I found my 2 bags last week at a local grocery store.  Nothing at Target, Walmart, or Toys'R'Us where I oddly enough had to go to find the Halloween Fright Rider bags.

You have Classic and Flavor Mix options, although I think you can rescan the same bag over-and-over, which if true is a nice touch.

I honestly think the best way to run these promotions is to let folks cut out UPCs and send them in..that method has only been tried and true for several decades now.  I know Frito-Lay means well, and I am glad to see any extracurricular activity/promotions for Skylanders, but I can't see this one ending well...and ultimately feel that once again it will result in more negative PR that positive, which is a shame.

One really cool thing they did this year is put Skylanders on the individual bags of chips!
The Flavor Mix Variety Pack has the following:
Cool Ranch featuring Anchors Away Gill Grunt
Chili Cheese featuring Big Bang Trigger Happy
Barbecue featuring Super Gulp Pop Fizz (although it is not his Super Gulp toy form ironically)

The Classic Mix Variety Pack has the following:
Cool Ranch featuring Anchors Away Gill Grunt
Nacho Cheese featuring Lava Barf Eruptor
Classic Lays featuring Mega Ram Spyro
^Don't hold me to these, I have yet to see this in person and could only find one, small image online.^

So, if you pick up the Variety Packs and don't manage to win a Fire Bone Hot Dog, you at least get some cool individually packed Skylander chips!  Sadly, the other 3 flavors in each just have standard packaging.

Now, since I know the drill and how the vast majority react, I will say this...

Quick Draw Rattle Shake is coming to stores any day now...Those who didn't win and then rushed out to buy him on ebay will regret every penny past $14.99 they shelled out (outside of big time variant collectors and Rattle Shake fans).  Quick Draw caused a lot of ruckus because he is an in-game variant.

As best I know, especially with these being referred to as "Treasure Hunts" I can only assume these are not in-game variants, but just your standard re-colors (ie Golds, Silvers, etc).  That is the first bit of good news.

The second bit of good news is that the rules clearly state that the Fire Bone Hot Dog figures are exclusive through 12/31/2014.  If they were one-and-done, I don't think this would be posted.  It leads me to believe, just like with Quick Draw Rattle Shake that we should, eventually see all 3 trickle out to retailers.  Whether this is a massive release, a store exclusive, or tied in with a promotion like the Sidekicks, we do not know.  There is also the chance that he might not come to retail stores.

That said, I assure you...your life will be fine without all 3, or even 1 of these Fire Bone Hot Dogs.  If I do not win and he doesn't become available, I will not pay more than $9.99 for any of the three.  If you are a collector, or big time Hot Dog fan, do what you will, but for most people, I encourage you not to pay scalper prices and feed the trolls.  The money you wind up spending for 1-3 of these will likely get you a very good chunk of Skylanders Trap Team, another video game, or just used for something fun and enjoyable...always keep that in mind.

My advice is to have fun with it...Enter the contest each day, have your friends do it, and hope for the best.  If you don't win, don't worry about it and wait it out.  If he hits retails stores, pick him up then...If not, save your money and buy new Skylanders for Trap Team.  That is my plan anyway...

To play without a bag, use this toll free number: 1-800-978-3765

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  1. Had the luck to win (Nightshift has its avantages!).
    They indicates you won and then asked you to record in three separate stages your name, street address and city/zip, giving approval for a proper recording after each stage. Then a quick thank you and goodbye. I don't remember any time frame for delivery but 8-10 weeks comes to mind. I may have read that in promotional material.
    Anyway, it could be fun to trade for the set or for the color we prefer with other people. Without meeting in person, a trade would be difficult to arrange.

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