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Skylanders SWAP Force Countdown Upgrade Paths with Attack Damage Numbers

Countdown Base Upgrades

Countdown Attack Damage Numbers

Countdown Boom Buddies Forever Upgrade Path

Countdown Rocketeer Upgrade Path

Kickoff Countdown Rocketeer Upgrade Path
with thewalkthruking

Countdown was actually one of my most anticipated new Skylanders in SWAP Force.  I thought he looked pretty cool and he is reminiscent of California Raisins for some odd reason...Plus, I also think of Europe's "The Final Countdown,"  In fact, to get in the spirit for writing this I just fired the song up...

Anyway, I really do think Countdown is the bomb...sorry, but you have to admit it is somewhat punny.

That aside, (and yes, Europe's "Final Countdown" is really playing), Countdown did not disappoint.  His base upgrades ave very good and set you up for a touch choice in terms of paths.

Rocketter addresses his primary attack Rocket Blast and truly delivers.  You begin with Triple Threat that greatly increases the horizontal range of the attack.  Warhead Hands ups the damage even more, but the BIG payoff is from Mega Mortar that ups Controlled Burst to 80-120.  I still think Triple Threat is the most vital down the path as it really plays into a broader range.  You can use it to soften up hordes of enemies and then launch Mega Mortar at the stalwarts.

Boom Buddies Forever will no doubt appeal to many people.  It lets you have up to 4 Boom Buddies, ups the damage, and adds Lingering Sparks that do light damage as they run to enemies.

I have always and remain inclined to go with non-doubles paths...To make it simple think Boom Buddies Forever, Double Trouble's Conjuror, and Sonic Boom's Medea Griffin.  I don't know why, the "minaitures" just never appeal to me as much as the standard fare stuff.  That said, as mentioned in the video, Double Trouble and Sonic Boom's "mini" paths turned out to be pretty dang good.

Luckily, Countdown has all his bases covered.  I took regular Countdown down the Rocketeer Upgrade Path, LightCore Countdown down the Boom Buddies Forever Upgrade Path, and then I'll take Kickoff Countdown down Rocketeer.  Why, because it is my path of choice.

I fully endorse Rocketeer because I enjoy the increased horizontal range and damage numbers.  Plus, as mentioned, I'm still not a big fan of the minis...However, they make a lot of sense for Countdown and I will admit this...If the minis for Kickoff Countdown were little soccer ball bombs I would have a 2nd Kickoff Countdown just because of that...It would have been EPIC!

I think Rocketeer is good for those of you like me who just prefer it, those who like the Rocket Blast best, and players looking for something simple to improve Countdown.  Boom Buddies Forever is a solid path and will no doubt appeal to many...

My only complaint is not being able to control the bombs and the Lingering Sparks are a bit weak.  I would have loved to see Armor tired in with Rocketeer and Speed tied in with Boom Buddies Forever.

I was also sad that both paths were entirely one trick ponies. Rocketeer only addressed the Primary Attack and Boom Buddies Forever only addressed the Tertiary Attack.  What is my favorite attack you ask?  Bomb Head/Hefty Concussion of course!  It would have been cool to see it expanded upon, but I suppose the Soul Gem is a nice nod...and a ridiculously powerful one at that!  It is a true screen-cleaner, but be warned that you have 6 seconds of down time afterwards (and Countdown looses some memory).  Just time it accordingly and you should have no issues!

All-in-all a great addition to the Tech Element and someone I hope to see carry the torch for future games!  Both paths are solid, it just comes down to what you want to expand: Rocket Blast, or Explosive Friendship.

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