Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jawbreaker Upgrade Paths & Attack Damage Numbers

Jawbreaker Base Upgrades

Jawbreaker has a very nice primary attack.  While it doesn’t offer earth shattering damage numbers on face value, it has that rare “rapid fire” quality that makes veteran players giddy with excitement.  Spark Shock is a unique and fun upgrade…it even offers a spin move when you are in Robo Rage.  Heavy Hands comes in as the final base upgrade and improves the already functional Traptanium Punch attack.

Jawbreaker High Voltage Upgrade Path

This path strikes me (ha, get it?) as a bit defensive.  You don’t have armor boosts or anything, but the upgrades each offer some nice residual damage.

Static Cling is very cool in that you get roughly 16 rounds of damage (at 10-15 each) after your initial attack damage.  Hands Off! Is automatic!  Anytime Jawbreaker is hit, he cranks out the larger, rogue sparks that deal 20-30 damage!  Sparking Interest is similar to both, but automatically deals the larger, rogue sparks when you are simply in Robo Rage Mode.

Legendary Jawbreaker Out-RAGE-ous Upgrade Path

This path is designed for those who  really like Robo Rage Mode.  The best feature, in my opinion, comes from “Punch for Power” which basically allows you to perpetually remain in Robo Rage Mode, provided you are landing punches.  This would be easy to do in Kaos Doom Challenge, or Nightmare Mode playthrus.  You keep the speed, armor, and damage boosts in full force.

Jolting Jab is an attack that makes sense, but I never really “saw it work” to obtain an attack damage number.  Defense Firmware would have been a great addition under the old format of “+X Armor,” but it is the vague “take less damage while in Robo Rage Mode.”  Those upgrades don’t usually impress me and that was the case here. 

Jawbreaker Attack Damage Numbers


Jawbreaker is very easy to overlook if you go on box-stock ability.  He doesn’t really do much to stand out and not many will even appreciate the rapid fire punches he packs.  However, both of his paths are quite good.  I personally prefer High Voltage as it seems more practical to my play style.  Hypercharged Haymaker is a great Soul Gem.  It and the Spark Shock attacks from High Voltage wind up giving Jawbreaker some much needed “ranged attacks.”  I’m not huge on Robo Rage mode, especially when High Voltage works so well on its own.  That said, I can see where some of you would like the increased damage and other perks (speed etc) and thus prefer Out-RAGE-ous.  My official nod goes to High Voltage.

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