Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Skylanders Skystones in General Mills Cereal

Breakfast just got even better!  Now, in addition to your morning bowl,of ceral, you can enjoy a few lively rounds of Skystones!

Skylanders Skystones Showcase: 4 Sets of 10 in Select General Mills Cereal

Here are a few pictures to help you stake your claim:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Front)
Skystones Board (Back)
Krypt King Box (Includes Chompy Mage & Dr. Krankcase)

As always, I like to document and archive things as best as possible.  I will be trying to get the set of 40 and will make additional updates here as necessary.  I am interested in a few things:
1-Will the "Krypt King" box always have these exact Skystones
2-What are the other characters featured on the boxes
3-What are the other "Boss" Skystones
4-What are the other Skystones

You can help me out by reporting back what you get in your cereal: who is on the box, what boss Skystones are included, and what the other 8 Skystones are.  Obviously, a single picture can accomplish this with ease.

You can also post and share the info on the Skylander Club Forum:

1 comment:

  1. 1. No the skystones are random - but the "Boss" cards are not
    2. Sure shot and Wallop -#/SkylandersGame
    3. Dreamcatcher, Wolfgang, Chef Pepper Jack, The Gulper
    4. Dunno but there's more of a hint on the Facebook page

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