Thursday, August 6, 2015

Skylanders SuperChargers Online Co-Op, Online Racing, Racing Adventure Packs, and New Screenshots

Skylanders SuperChargers Gamescom Notes
(These are the Notes I compile from Press Releases and Insider Info to Make the Video)

Adventure Mode
Racing Mode

Adventure Mode
-Single Player Adventure Mode
-Local Co-Op Adventure Mode
 -Online Co-Op Adventure Mode

Racing Mode
-Land, Sea, and Sky

-Time Trials
Three Lap Races
Compete for #1 Spot on Leaderboard

Skylanders SuperChargers Racing

Dedicated Racing Combat Game
New Tracks for Wii and 3DS

Nintendo Wii
-Splitscreen Multiplayer
-No Online

Nintendo 3DS
-Local Multiplayer
-Online with up to 4 Players

All SuperChargers Starter Packs come with 6 Dynamic Race Tracks
-2 Land, 2 Sea, and 2 Sky
-Diverse Locations, Hidden Routes, Power-Ups, Boosts, Hazards
-Up to 50 Different and Exciting Gameplay Experiences (what?)
-Voice Chat available with friends for an added layer of excitement

Skylanders SuperChargers Racing Action Packs $34.99
-1 Land, 1 Sea, and 1 Sky
--Includes SuperCharger, Signature Vehicle, and a Villain Trophy
--Villain Trophy Unlocks 2 New Tracks and New Modes
---Super Villain Cup, Boss Pursuit, and Mirror Cup
----12 Boss Villains Total, 4 in Each of the 3 Packs (Land, Sea, and Sky)
-----Defeat the Villain and gain the ability to race as them
-----Store Boss Villains on Trophy to Play at Friend’s House

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