Sunday, May 8, 2016

Minecon 2016 & Mother's Day

Well, we did it...Mother's Day Weekend 2016 and we have tickets to Minecon!

This has been somewhat of a family goal for a few years now.  My Nephew, thewalkthruking, became obsessed with the game shortly after we sorted out how to actually play Pocket Edition.  Since those early days he moved on to Minecraft Console Edition via Xbox One, and then wound up with a custom, gaming computer to play PC.  

Instrumental in his addiction was the PvP side of the game...he can quote off Mindcrack UHC stats better than a Wiki, or Reddit and in the downtime came across other SMPs with their own UHCs like The Cube.  Ever longing for more, he got into Reddit UHC, Badlion, and more.

We not only live streamed our own Pocket Edition UHCs in those early days, but PvP Matches, Build-Offs, and our custom, now traditional, "Bare Fist Beatdowns" became staples for any family gathering. Minecraft usurped Mario Kart Wii and became King.
A few short years later I set up the Minelogox server for a Christmas gift...I don't know that I'll ever top it.  With our new gaming computers, we are pushing that ground while also enjoying Realms based Minigames via a Realm he got from his Nana for this past birthday (and as a cover in case we couldn't score Minecon tickets).

Minecon will finally give him the chance to meet some of his favorite YouTubers and the people behind the game!  We have wanted to do this for awhile and Minecon kind of combines a whole host of smaller, regional conventions where a few folks would be at and expands it 20 fold with a straight up focus on the block game.

For his Birthday this year, my Mom (see also TWK's Nana), said she would get him Minecon tickets.  We tried Friday night and couldn't checkout...they were sold out, we must have just missed it.  Saturday we were on the road and all of us busted out or cell phones and frantically hit refresh more than we'd cumulatively used the button in the phone's lifetime..the carhop at Sonic probably thought we were crazy when the car shook with the elated roar following my sister's, "I'm in...we got them!"

We tried to stay calme as we figured we could still get booted...the final submit was hit and then we had successive notification chimes of confirmation e-mails.  Freakin' sweet!!!  We are going to Minecon!  The pure tremor of joy we all saw from TWK made the effort worthwhile.  The game that has dominated his, and our, life for these last few years is going to be accessible at a new, more personable level...and that is VERY exciting.

The only downside is that my Mom and Sister were a little disappointed when they learned the "capes" we kept talking about were virtual, or in-game only and NOT something tangible, in real life...maybe Mojang could make them 2 for Mother's Day...

Happy Mother's Day to all the great Mom's out there!  The day is intended to honor moms with gifts and praise, and while this technically happened Saturday, not Sunday, the effort in scoring the tickets is  reflective of the 24/7, year-round efforts mothers put forth to raise their children right and do what they can to bring joy into their lives...Maybe TWK and I can get them IRL Minecon capes, their current capes are hard to see ;)

Hope to see some of you out in Cali and at Minecon for a great time!


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