Thursday, April 28, 2016

Channel Update - April 2016: Skylanders, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Vlogging, and Joining Minelogix

April 2016 Channel Update

Skylanders SuperChargers

Currently Recording 
-SC Racing Side of the Game
--Sea Complete, Ready for Air
-Still need Soda Skimmer and Buzz Wing
--Waiting for sales and release
-Have a few SuperCharged Challenges left
-Tessa, Hugo, and Pandergast
--Do You Want to See Them?  Streamed?
-Join the Forum!
--Slacking because of time being put into recordings
--Will soon release Attack Damage Numbers Spreadsheets


Wiisdom Plays Minecraft (PC)
-New Series, Click for Playlist
--1.9 Solo Survival
--Cool Stuff Planned
--Griefer Free Zone
--Interaction with Subscribers...stay tuned for more info!

Minelogix SMP
-Season 1 ended due to griefer; Click for Playlist
-Season 2 will start being recorded Saturday night
--Looking for good, quality members to join
---Apply Here!!  Click this Link!

Stardew Valley

-Relatively new series
-Loving the game
-Do you want to see it more frequently?
-Click for the Playlist
Upload Schedule

-Currently 10 AM and 4 PM
-Would you prefer different time slots?
--9 AM and 3 PM, 8 AM and 5 PM etc.
---All times CST

Nintendo NX
-Announced Release for March 2017
-Zelda "Wii U" to be focus of E3
-I got one of the first replies to the tweet...and pushed #Waluigi

Sunday Smash
-TWK and I likely to continue Sunday live stream

What Do You Want to See Most?
-Mario Kart 8
-Animal Crossing amiibo Festival
-Animal Crossing City Folk
-Yoshi's Wooly World

3DS Action
-Still mainly ACNL
--Soleil moved out, Sterling moved in
--Dream Address: 5200-3152-5724
-Want to get back on Professor Layton and A Link to the Past

New Playthru Planned
-Heavily requested
--Will reveal just before it begins

Recent Equipment Upgrades

-Custom Built by Yours Truly...runs great! Click for Playlist!
-Astro A50s...heavily used, love them!  Click for Blog Post!
-Blue Yeti Whiteout...using it now.  Click for Blog Post!
-Updated Blog and Twitch

What's Going on Wisdom?

Currently Playing
-Skylanders, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Smash Bros., ACNL on 3DS

Currently Listening
-Audioslave, Pearl Jam, The Wallflowers

Currently Watching
-NBA Playoffs
--Dream Finals (would have been) Mavs vs Hornets, Mavs winning in 6 Games
--Cowboys #4 Pick!

Currently Eating
-Switched from Digornio's to Frechetta
--Brick Oven Crust; Finally found Thin Crust, will try it tonight for draft!
--Does anyone care?


Frequently Requested
-Would be "non-traditional"
-Likely more of a conversation style video you could listen to while doing other things


-As always thanks for watching
--Non-MCN Partnered Channel, fighting the battle daily
-Please let me know your thoughts on:
--Skylanders Quests, Upload Times, More Nintendo Content, and "vlogging"
---For those of you actually reading this, Thank You...The stuff I want your input on is highlighted in light blue!

Social Media Links

-Twitter: #/1ofWiisdom
-Facebook: #/1ofWiisdom
-Skylander Club Forum:
-Minelogix Website:

Time Stamps

-Skylanders: 0:00-3:21
-Minecraft: 3:22-15:23
--Wiisdom Plays: 3:22-5:49
--Minelogix: 5:50-13:09
-Stardew Valley: 13:10-14:13
-Upload Schedule: 14:14-15:28
-Nintendo: 15:29-19:23
-Equipment Upgrades: 19:24-21:20
-What's Up Wiisdom?: 21:21-24:50
-Vlogging: 24:51-26:13
-Conclusion: 26:14-End

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