Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Nintendo NX Announced for March 2017, New Legend of Zelda Game to be E3 Focus

Well, sometimes being up at 2 AM has its perks...while in between Sea Cups in Skylanders SuperChargers, I checked Twitter to see this little gem that was tweet a mere 28 seconds prior...

I was also one of the first to 2-3 to reply to the you can see, I got a plug in for Waluigi.

So what are your thoughts...excited, neutral, disappointed?

The NX will put Big N Fans in a familiar spot as "Zelda Wii U" is to launch with the NX alongside its Wii U release.  I had kind of predicted this with the delay...very similar to previous end/start cycles with other consoles.

That said, the new installment is to be Nintendo's big focus at E3 this year!  The info had an odd release time in part due to the investor's meeting in Japan.  That said, works well for night owls like myself...many folks will be waking up happy in a few hours!


  1. This was a really good time for me too, not from staying up late but from it being only 4pm here in Aus lol. I have a lot of anticipation for further info regarding the NX. I'm certain there'll be some special feature to set it apart from XB1 and PS4, but I honestly can't guess what it may be. I am hoping the Wii U games are cross compatible.

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    1. Yeah, they really need to make Wii U games compatible...I'm excited to learn more about it as well! They have spent a lot of time developing this LoZ game...should be pretty good!


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