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Astro A50 Wireless Headset Overview: What's in the Box, Initial Impressions, and Review!

Astro A50 Wireless Headset
Unboxing, What's in the Box, Initial Impressions, and Review

In this video we unbox Astro's A50 Wireless Headset showcasing what is included and the stand assembly, while covering my experience with them thus far.

These are the three EQ Presets as per Astro's Website:
-Pro: Boosted high frequencies for competitive gameplay
-Core: Balanced for single player gaming
-Media: Enhanced bass, for movies and music

I have not seen any custom tags for the A50s, but I am sure they are coming.  I don't have any prior experience with their products to know if previous series can interchange.

Overall, this is a very nice headset.  The sound quality is good and the headset is lightweight and most important, comfortable.  I will be testing the mic (sans adhesive film) very soon. There are several color options available...the Black and Lime shown here is targeted for use with the Xbox One and as a Gen2 release, includes the chat cable.

Here is a link to the product's release statement:

Update 4/3/2016

I am just about to release this video (only 2 months after uploading, lol)...That said, I have been using this headset DAILY.  Friday night I recorded about 5 hours of Minelogix footage.  The sound is good, the mic is very good, and more importantly this thing is comfortable, even in continuous usage situations.  My old headset (which I still defend!) would start to slide off after about 1.5-2 hours of use (hard to explain, but I'm sure many of you can relate).  The feedback I have gotten on the headset's mic has been favorable from my viewers.

Helpful Troubleshooting:
I had one issue where the headset would NOT get sound...I could not figure it out.  Online people reported the same issue and most had it resolved by repairing the headset.  What had happened to me is that the RH Side has the Voice/Game buttons and it has gone all the way to one side...tapping around on it got things back to normal!

Hear the Mic in Action:
Pretty much any of my recent Minelogix videos will give you an idea of the sound quality.  I have since bought a Blue Yeti, but still use this headset for PC Gaming...
Minelogix Playlist: Minelogix SMP Playlist

-Very nice headset, good sound, solid mic...comfort is king though and imo that is where this set excels!  Hope this helps some of you out as it is a pricey headset, but well worth it if you wear it for long interval!

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