Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What I Would Like to See in Skylanders 6

So...heavily requested video and a MASSIVE time constraint.  Basically we will have official news on the real Skylanders 6 here in a few hours.  Do I know some things already?  Yes.  Have I seen some things that people weren't supposed to see yet? Yes.  Can you find that same info on the net...most certainly.  However, out of respect to the people behind the game I won't be posting or discussing any of that here...These are my legitimate "wants" for Skylanders 6.

That said...check back later today as I'll likely have a slew of info up on the next installment! You can also check my site here AND the Skylander Club Forum ( for more info throughout the day (keep in mind I work a real job and this is a side-hobby).

Anyway here is the video...

What I Would Like to See in Skylanders 6

Is it long...yeah, but what did you expect?  I have to crank this stuff out late at night (4 AM now) and I am working with a really badly stubbed toe (good news, I don't think I broke it, haha).

So here are some bullet points, obviously the video will expand on these:

SSA Format 
-Elemental Areas are Meaningful
-Elemental Levels
-Central Focus on Levels and Boss Battles
-Save Points
-Maintain Training Ground
--Enemy Spawn Button/Simulator

Character Release
-Include Battlecat Card
-1 of Whatever Required available AT LAUNCH
-All Undead Characters available BEFORE Halloween
-Modest Line-up (16-24 maximum)
-Series 2 for Core Skylanders
--Warnado, Dino-Rang, Sunburn, Ghost Roaster/Chopper, Blades, Scorp, Star Strike etc.
-SuperCharger Treatment for any Returning Character
--Ie if we get another Spyro, give him a whole new move set etc.
-If Triple Packs really exist, make them just as available as Singles to help folks save money
-Hidden Chase Variants-Up End Consumer's Chance of Landing Specials
-Legendary, Nitro, Dark, etc all need Stat Boosts
-$9.99 target price, $12.99 max for "Gimmick-Landers"
-Maintain Eon's Elite $19.99 with frequent sales
-LightCore WITH full upgrade tree AND user activated flash bomb

Complete Set Bonus (Not in Video--See, Another Perk to Reading!)
-If you have ALL of a certain character, you should get an accolade, special hat, or stat boost...just a nice token of appreciation.  So S1 Terrafin, S2 Terrafin, S3 Terrafin, and SuperCharged Terrafin = Accolades.
--I think this could also apply to full sets of Legendary or Dark Skylanders.

Additional Game Modes

Battle Mode
--Must Have It.  If not "in game" than stand alone entry
---Update Character Roster and add new arenas
----Seasonal Updates
--Single Player vs AI, Local, and Online
---Expanding past 2 Skylanders would be a future goal
---Imagine an online 4v4, or pitting the SSA Life vs SSA Undead..EPICNESS!!!!

Heroics or Quests
--Expand on Character's Lore
--Allow users to spend time and train/upgrade (statistically enhance) their favorite Skylanders

Adventure Packs
-Would Love to Play the Levels Again!  What a surprise it would be! HD Darklight Crypt!!

-Traps and Vehicles...Any function?
-Removing established features...never makes people happy

Future Expansion

Battle Mode
--Ultimate Replay Value...Incentive for older characters
---Frequent Updates and DLC for new characters and arenas 

--If the game takes off, it needs to be updated regularly by adding in new characters
---It would be okay to do so slowly as to not overwhelm players/collectors

PC Presence
--Battlecast needs to be on PC; tons of kids online (see Minecraft servers)
--Skylanders: Spyro's Universe
---I would love to see this, or something similar relaunched.  Endless possibilities.  It was a TON of FUN for anyone who missed out...and I had a killer Skylands if you wondered ;)

I could seriously go on...for hours.  This is kind of a rushed video despite having been thinking about it for a while now...I added a few points of interest here that were not covered in the video.  That said, let me know your thoughts and I will catch you back for insights on the REAL Skylanders 6!!

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