Saturday, April 12, 2014

Freeze Blade Upgrade Paths with Damage Numbers

Well, here it is...the first in a series of immensely detailed posts outlining damage out from EVERY single upgrade for each Skylander.

I am getting things started with Freeze Blade, one of the test subjects in the recordings debate...However, his test method was the chosen method so it worked out well for him to be posted first.

You can consult the Cheat Sheet below for a quick look at damage numbers...If you are unsure of my explanation (when required), just watch the corresponding video.  Hopefully this method works well for you and comes in handy in upgrading and researching your Skylanders!

Freeze Blade Base Upgrades

Nitro Freeze Blade Base Upgrades
(I will only Double Up like this for "Special" Characters)

Freeze Blade Damage Numbers
Fore More Detail Consult Videos

Blizzard Blade Path via Nitro Freeze Blade

Ice Sculptor Path via Freeze Blade

Trail Freezer Path via Freeze Blade

Ice Skater Path via Nitro Freeze Blade

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