Saturday, April 19, 2014

Skylanders SWAP Force Upgrde Costs

I've had this handy dandy spreadsheet for eons (see what I did there?), and figured it would be more useful and meaningful to you if you could actually see it as opposed to just listen to me talk about it in the upgrade videos...So, here it is:

Skylanders SWAP Force Swapper Upgrade Costs

Skylanders SWAP Force Core Character Upgrade Costs


Please note that all "Discounted Costs" are reflective of 18 Winged Sapphires and the resultant 36% Discount.  

On the Swappers List:
U1-U3= Upgrade 1-Upgrade 3
P1A=Path 1, Upgrade 1
P1B=Path 1, Upgrade 2
It is broken down by Body and Legs.

Costs are then Combined for:
Base Upgrades
Path Upgrades
Base and Path Upgrades
Base, Path, and Soul Gems for Both Top and Bottom

On the Core List:
U1-U4=Base Upgrades 1-4
P1A-P1C=Path 1, Upgrades 1-3
P2A-P2C=Path 2, Upgrades 1-3

Costs are then Combined for:
Base Upgrades
Base and Path
Base Path and Soul Gem (Newlanders Only are Maxed here)
Base, Path, Soul Gem, and Wow Pow (Series 2 & Series 3 Only are Maxed here)

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