Saturday, April 12, 2014

Trap Shadow Upgrade Paths with Damage Numbers

Please note, as I mentioned in previous posts and the video itself...Trap Shadow was my test subject for "Option 2" in terms of recording.  Thus, his first recording consisted of Base Upgrades with Trap Trickster AND Prowler Path being showcase.  Luckily, I used the 2nd Trap Shadow to follow the selected format and will be able to have some uniform structure.  That said, here are the videos and damage numbers:

Trap Shadow Base Upgrades

Trap Shadow Damage Numbers:

Trap Shadow: Feral Instinct's Path

Trap Shadow: Shadow Combat Path

Trap Shadow Base Upgrades + Trap Trickster Path + Prowler Path

Again, my apologies for this one not following the 5 Video format, but like I said, he was my test character for "Option 2."

For beginners I would recommend Feral Instincts and Shadow Combat.  For veterans I would suggest Trap Trickster and Shadow Combat.

The top paths are tough because Trap Shadow is pretty salty as is in terms of his primary attack...However, the combo granted with Feral Instincts is a big time damage dealer.  That said, Trap Trickster is likely the most beneficial as it enhances the tertiary attack more so than Feral Instincts.

On the bottom end you can't go wrong with Shadow Combat.  Prowler Path is best suited for players who really like that sort of thing, or enjoy the challenge etc.  I have yet to play in-game with these paths, but I have to say that from Woodburrow Shadow Combat is the definitive choice for the bottom end.


  1. I'm looking forward to the new format!
    Just caught the new Skylanders release will be revealed on April 23rd-

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    1. Thanks...Freeze Blade follows it, lol. The recordings I did with Boom Jet #2 and Legendary Free Ranger do as well, but their counterparts are one and done vids for Base/Top Path/Bottom Path.

      Everyone else will be pretty much in format.

      Yeah, I'm interested in seeing how much is revealed there...I'm guessing maybe a title and overarching story line...perhaps a glimpse at a few returning characters? I'm thinking E3 will be the big look in at the gameplay, but who knows...


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