Saturday, October 1, 2016

Minecraft 1.11 Update: Cartographer, Woodland Mansions, and Illagers

Minecraft 1.11 Change Log
Video Showcase #1
Cartographers, Locate Command, Woodland Mansion, Illagers, Vindicators, Evokers, Vex, and Totem of Undying PLUS Illager vs Villager Battle!

In this video I innocently loaded up a new creative world to showcase llamas from the 1.11 Change Log (Snapshot 16w39b).  However, after spawning in between a Dark Oak Forest and a village with a Cartographer (why do I never get these spawns in solo worlds?), I opted to just jump in relatively blindly and showcase the new Woodland Mansion and accompanying mobs.

We make short work of the journey by using the new /locate command and then do a bit of exploring the mansion before investigating the new mobs and playing with the coveted Totem of Undying, which is dropped every time you kill an Evoker.

And after that, we had a little fun with Villager vs Illager ;)

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