Thursday, April 28, 2016

Channel Update - April 2016: Skylanders, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Vlogging, and Joining Minelogix

April 2016 Channel Update

Skylanders SuperChargers

Currently Recording 
-SC Racing Side of the Game
--Sea Complete, Ready for Air
-Still need Soda Skimmer and Buzz Wing
--Waiting for sales and release
-Have a few SuperCharged Challenges left
-Tessa, Hugo, and Pandergast
--Do You Want to See Them?  Streamed?
-Join the Forum!
--Slacking because of time being put into recordings
--Will soon release Attack Damage Numbers Spreadsheets


Wiisdom Plays Minecraft (PC)
-New Series, Click for Playlist
--1.9 Solo Survival
--Cool Stuff Planned
--Griefer Free Zone
--Interaction with Subscribers...stay tuned for more info!

Minelogix SMP
-Season 1 ended due to griefer; Click for Playlist
-Season 2 will start being recorded Saturday night
--Looking for good, quality members to join
---Apply Here!!  Click this Link!

Stardew Valley

-Relatively new series
-Loving the game
-Do you want to see it more frequently?
-Click for the Playlist
Upload Schedule

-Currently 10 AM and 4 PM
-Would you prefer different time slots?
--9 AM and 3 PM, 8 AM and 5 PM etc.
---All times CST

Nintendo NX
-Announced Release for March 2017
-Zelda "Wii U" to be focus of E3
-I got one of the first replies to the tweet...and pushed #Waluigi

Sunday Smash
-TWK and I likely to continue Sunday live stream

What Do You Want to See Most?
-Mario Kart 8
-Animal Crossing amiibo Festival
-Animal Crossing City Folk
-Yoshi's Wooly World

3DS Action
-Still mainly ACNL
--Soleil moved out, Sterling moved in
--Dream Address: 5200-3152-5724
-Want to get back on Professor Layton and A Link to the Past

New Playthru Planned
-Heavily requested
--Will reveal just before it begins

Recent Equipment Upgrades

-Custom Built by Yours Truly...runs great! Click for Playlist!
-Astro A50s...heavily used, love them!  Click for Blog Post!
-Blue Yeti Whiteout...using it now.  Click for Blog Post!
-Updated Blog and Twitch

What's Going on Wisdom?

Currently Playing
-Skylanders, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Smash Bros., ACNL on 3DS

Currently Listening
-Audioslave, Pearl Jam, The Wallflowers

Currently Watching
-NBA Playoffs
--Dream Finals (would have been) Mavs vs Hornets, Mavs winning in 6 Games
--Cowboys #4 Pick!

Currently Eating
-Switched from Digornio's to Frechetta
--Brick Oven Crust; Finally found Thin Crust, will try it tonight for draft!
--Does anyone care?


Frequently Requested
-Would be "non-traditional"
-Likely more of a conversation style video you could listen to while doing other things


-As always thanks for watching
--Non-MCN Partnered Channel, fighting the battle daily
-Please let me know your thoughts on:
--Skylanders Quests, Upload Times, More Nintendo Content, and "vlogging"
---For those of you actually reading this, Thank You...The stuff I want your input on is highlighted in light blue!

Social Media Links

-Skylander Club Forum:
-Minelogix Website:

Time Stamps

-Skylanders: 0:00-3:21
-Minecraft: 3:22-15:23
--Wiisdom Plays: 3:22-5:49
--Minelogix: 5:50-13:09
-Stardew Valley: 13:10-14:13
-Upload Schedule: 14:14-15:28
-Nintendo: 15:29-19:23
-Equipment Upgrades: 19:24-21:20
-What's Up Wiisdom?: 21:21-24:50
-Vlogging: 24:51-26:13
-Conclusion: 26:14-End

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Nintendo NX Announced for March 2017, New Legend of Zelda Game to be E3 Focus

Well, sometimes being up at 2 AM has its perks...while in between Sea Cups in Skylanders SuperChargers, I checked Twitter to see this little gem that was tweet a mere 28 seconds prior...

I was also one of the first to 2-3 to reply to the you can see, I got a plug in for Waluigi.

So what are your thoughts...excited, neutral, disappointed?

The NX will put Big N Fans in a familiar spot as "Zelda Wii U" is to launch with the NX alongside its Wii U release.  I had kind of predicted this with the delay...very similar to previous end/start cycles with other consoles.

That said, the new installment is to be Nintendo's big focus at E3 this year!  The info had an odd release time in part due to the investor's meeting in Japan.  That said, works well for night owls like myself...many folks will be waking up happy in a few hours!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Unboxing Blue Yeti Whiteout Edition USB Microphone

Unboxing Blue Yeti Whiteout USB Microphone:
What's in the Box, Initial Impressions, & Overview

Check the mic out in action via these recent videos:

Super Smash Bros. March Madness: Final Four & Championship

In this video, we had the mic on the floor, set to stereo mode to pick both of us up...

Skylanders SuperChargers Research: Dark Spitfire's Speed Demon Upgrade Path

In this video the Yeti was set to "Carioid"

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Astro A50 Wireless Headset Overview: What's in the Box, Initial Impressions, and Review!

Astro A50 Wireless Headset
Unboxing, What's in the Box, Initial Impressions, and Review

In this video we unbox Astro's A50 Wireless Headset showcasing what is included and the stand assembly, while covering my experience with them thus far.

These are the three EQ Presets as per Astro's Website:
-Pro: Boosted high frequencies for competitive gameplay
-Core: Balanced for single player gaming
-Media: Enhanced bass, for movies and music

I have not seen any custom tags for the A50s, but I am sure they are coming.  I don't have any prior experience with their products to know if previous series can interchange.

Overall, this is a very nice headset.  The sound quality is good and the headset is lightweight and most important, comfortable.  I will be testing the mic (sans adhesive film) very soon. There are several color options available...the Black and Lime shown here is targeted for use with the Xbox One and as a Gen2 release, includes the chat cable.

Here is a link to the product's release statement:

Update 4/3/2016

I am just about to release this video (only 2 months after uploading, lol)...That said, I have been using this headset DAILY.  Friday night I recorded about 5 hours of Minelogix footage.  The sound is good, the mic is very good, and more importantly this thing is comfortable, even in continuous usage situations.  My old headset (which I still defend!) would start to slide off after about 1.5-2 hours of use (hard to explain, but I'm sure many of you can relate).  The feedback I have gotten on the headset's mic has been favorable from my viewers.

Helpful Troubleshooting:
I had one issue where the headset would NOT get sound...I could not figure it out.  Online people reported the same issue and most had it resolved by repairing the headset.  What had happened to me is that the RH Side has the Voice/Game buttons and it has gone all the way to one side...tapping around on it got things back to normal!

Hear the Mic in Action:
Pretty much any of my recent Minelogix videos will give you an idea of the sound quality.  I have since bought a Blue Yeti, but still use this headset for PC Gaming...
Minelogix Playlist: Minelogix SMP Playlist

-Very nice headset, good sound, solid mic...comfort is king though and imo that is where this set excels!  Hope this helps some of you out as it is a pricey headset, but well worth it if you wear it for long interval!

My Website:
Twitter: @1ofWiisdom
Minelogix SMP:

Friday, March 18, 2016

Super Smash Bros. March Madness Tournament

Bracket #1 - Mario

Bracket #1 - Mario Bracket (Complete Video)

Bracket #2 - Luigi
Bracket #2 - Luigi Bracket (Complete Video)

Bracket #3 - Waluigi

Bracket #3 - Waluigi Bracket (Complete Video)

Bracket #4 - Wario
Bracket #4 - Wario Bracket (Complete Video)

Final Four & Championship
Final Four & Championship (Complete Video)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Level Up Stealth Game Tower: Assembly & Review

What: Level Up Stealth Game Tower
Where Did You Get It: GameStop
How Much: $19.99 plus tax
Assembly Time: Under 5 Minutes

Assembly & Review: Level Up's Stealth Game Tower

So, with the New Year came new projects and new objectives.  I had some work done and had to move pretty much everything gaming related (games, Skylanders, Amiibo) etc., and for better, or worse (I like to think for the better) that afforded a legitimate opportunity to retool how I store and display these games and Skylanders.

I recently posted my complete Xbox One and PlayStation 2 game library's and both are resultant from this cleaning and organizing effort.

While I prefer bookshelves for games (or interior storage offered by an entertainment center), I wouldn't be able to fit PS2, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, and XB1 games in the 3-Shelf unit I had planned to use.  That lead me to investigate other options and one intriguing one was this Stealth Game Tower from Level Up.  It clocked in at under $20 AND I could pick it up locally.  That is always a win-win.

There are a lot of reviews on this thing, but they are of the mixed variety.  One person says it is great, the next says it is a POS that won't stand upright.  So, I had to just take a chance and hope for the best, but decided to do the video so folks could SEE how it goes together, what it can hold, how it can hold different media inputs, and more importantly, how it functions both vertically and horizontally with and without a load.

As of writing this, I am happy to report that I've had this thing set up and fully stocked for about 2 weeks and have had zero issues with tipping etc.  It may not be my dream set up, but for $20 I can't complain.

I will try to get some pictures up at a later date, but for now it was $20 well spent and a great way to organize my PS2 Library, along with a few DVDs.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sony PlayStation 2 Library

As with the recent XB1 Library list, I figured it was time to archive the ol' PS2 Archive.  For many, many years the PS2 was my main console...The NES was always plugged in and the Sega Genesis was handy, but while others were on the Xbox band wagon, or moving on to the PS3, I stuck with the PS2.  Going thru the games tonight as I moved the back up, it brought back a lot of memories.

Here are a few titles of interest:
-Madden 03: I played so many custom seasons on here...I also documented draft pick traits and ratings in a notebook and developed a fail safe system to log the best picks possible.
-Midnight Club: I still remember getting this game for my was a huge step up in racing games and one of the first "street racers."  At the time, staying up until midnight was a big deal and I particularly enjoyed playing it "late" at night.
-Test Drive: Awesome game, great cover.
-Need for Speed Underground: This franchise had a really nice string of games and Underground kind of built off Midnight Club...lots of good times.
-Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: I hold this game in very high is way up there on my list of all time best  games along with Super Mario World.  I was a teenager when it came out and it was undeniably groundbreaking while pushing the limits all while recreating a sincere 80s vibe.
-Pac-Man World Rally: Honestly one of the best kart racers you will ever play...It is a shame more people aren't aware of this game.

I won't take the time to archive the games by release date, or my acquisition date since all this went down so long ago...but here is the archive:

  1. Atari Anthology
  2. MLB 07 The Show
  3. Conflict: Desert Storm
  4. Medal of Honor Frontline
  5. Starsky & Hutch
  6. The Dukes of Hazzard: Return of the General Lee
  7. True Crime Streets of LA
  8. Grand Theft Auto Vice City
  9. Grand Theft Auto III
  10. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
  11. Test Drive
  12. Gran Turismo 4
  13. Need for Speed Underground
  14. Need for Speed Underground 2
  15. Need for Speed Most Wanted
  16. Need for Speed Carbon
  17. Need for Speed Pro Street
  18. The Simpsons Hit & Run
  19. The Simpsons Game
  20. Family Guy Video Game
  21. Madden 03
  22. Madden 08
  23. Madden 09
  24. Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition
  25. Midnight Club II
  26. Midnight Club: Street Racing
  27. Pac-Man World Rally