Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Deja Vu & Legendary Deja Vu Upgrade Paths & Attack Damage Numbers

So, this set of vids was actually recorded December 3rd, 2014...I honestly thought I had long since released them.  Nonethless, here they are and I suppose on the bright side they sync nicely with the recent release of Bades, Bushwhack, and Jawbreaker...all of which join Deja Vu with "Legendary Status" in Trap Team.

Deja Vu Base Upgrades

Legendary Deja Vu Remember to Live

Deja Vu Live to Remember

Deja Vu Attack Damage Numbers
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bushwhack & Legendary Bushwhack Upgrade Paths & Attack Damage Numbers

Bushwhack Introduction

Bushwhack was a Trap Master I wasn’t sure what to expect…He looked great, but the presence of the Axe made me wonder if he would be a slow and heavy hitter, or if he’d have some sort of a Stink Bomb like quality to him.  With the unknown in sights, things slowly revealed themselves and the stars aligned to make Bushwhack a must own in my book.

Bushwhack’s Primary Attack, “Traptanium Axe” is classic and straight forward.  He has a big axe, swings it, and deals nice damage.  The presence of a box-stock combo is a nice throw in imo.  “Mystic Acorn” may not seem that great to many folks, but to me it is the perfect compliment to the axe attack.  It doesn’t deal much damage, but it stuns enemies AND has great range.  The axe swing is honestly fairly quick, but this combo of moves sets up for a very formidable 1-2 punch.  Looking past that to the often overlooked and new for Trap Team “Jump Attack” you can find my personal favorite move of Bushwhack’s!  You can jump and throw the mystic acorns, or swing the axe.  If you swing the axe he does a powerful ground pound with it.  I find myself using this more frequently than his standard attack!

Bushwhack Base Upgrdes

“Headbash” gets things off to a rocking start with Bushwhack’s Tertiary Attack in place.  I’m not a huge fan of this move, but it is effective.  “Nut Grenade” is up next and I am a huge fan of this one.  Cosmetically the Mystic Acorns now glow an acid/nuclear green and do sizably more damage!  “In A Nut Shell” is something I was ridiculously excited about…it promised “new armor” and “reduced damage.”  I assumed this would be taking Bushwhack’s Armor Stat from 18 to 24, maybe even 18 to 30 (I didn’t expect the SSA Glory Days of +40).  I was left in a flurry of disappointment as there is no measurable increase in Armor.  I know this will work “in game” but I’ve found these types of upgrade (Armor and Critical Hit) are quite disappointing if you sit down and try to evaluate it in game…The tangible +6 or +12 is much more predictable and of greater value.  The good news is that we end on a positive note with “Thorn Trail.”  This upgrade has the axe swing’s leave a quick trail of thorns that do nice residual damage…This will work great against large groups of enemies!

Bushwhack Axe Avenger Upgrade Path

If you are fan of the Traptanium Axe attacks, this is the path for you.  It turns Bushwhack into a super formidable Trap Master.  “An Axe to Grind” just comes in and ups damage from 70-105 to 98-147…that alone is a very significant jump!  “Combo Attacks” offer both “Spin and Slash which deals 186-279 and “Head First” which drops an astounding 245-367 with a follow up of 147-220!  “Go Nuts” finishes the path off by allowing you to hold down “Attack 2” after “Spin and Slash” to spam Nut Grenades!  Overall, this is a straight forward path with great increases and 2 more unique attacks.

Legendary Bushwhack Armor Awesomeness Upgrade Path

This path had me really excited…After getting “In a Nut Shell” in the base upgrades and seeing it had no measurable impact on Armor, I greatly tempered my expectations…I am glad I did.  “Bush’s Shack” kicks things off and it is, in my opinion, the best thing about the path.  By holding “Attack 1” you execute the standard attack and then see Buswhack kneel to the ground with a slam that ushers in a teepee of Life Element goodness (thanks Arbo!).  Roughly every 4 seconds you gain +25 Health!  I can only imagine that this will be even more useful in a Life Element Zone!  You are susceptible to damage, but it seems to be cut roughly in half while in this state.  That means that unless you are in Nightmare Mode, or Hard vs formidable minions, you should have health regen outweigh damage taken.  “Primal Warrior” is up next and it came up flat.  You get “new armor” but it once again fails to add the statistical rating and during my research I found it to be insignificant in terms of it’s functionality.  The saving grace is that the move also includes an upgrade to Headbash damage that takes the attack from 75-112 to 100-150.  “Spring Forward” finishes things off and offers a quick dash and Super Headbash.   The dash can deal 40-60, but the Headbash stayed at 100-150.  In my opinion, the best thing here is the increased speed in the short dash to potentially evade danger.

The Soul Gem “Timber” is a really nice addition to either path!  This reminds me of Villager’s attacks in Super Smash Bros.  You jump and hold down “Attack 1” and Bushwhack plants a tree, and cuts it down.  IF you are thinking, “Oh great, I have to wait for the tree, then go back to it and spend a few hits to cut it down” you are wrong!  I also figured it would be a cumbersome Soul Gem and was pleasantly wrong!  The tree grows instantly (provided you didn’t just do the attack and there are limbs on the ground) and Bushwhack automatically fells the tree.  It is a big tree and subsequently covers a nice area upon impact.  The most important thing though is that it deals 440-660 damage!!

Bushwhack Attack Damage Numbers
(Click to Enlarge)


Bushwhack is a great addition to any collection and will provide a formidable ally when taken down the Axe Avenger Path!  This is an old school, straight forward approach that simply  delivers measurable damage and assets at each turn.  It is my preferred path and what I would recommend to everyone, including rookie players.  Armor Awesomeness is not a bad path, but it really fails in comparison to the epicness that is Axe Avenger.  If this was the traditional +40 Armor from SSA, I’d say Bushwhack is a shoe-in for “get the Legendary figure and take both paths,” but since it fails to really deliver on the Armor front, you are left with the dash, increased headbash damage, and admittedly cool Bush’s Shack.  If you like the headbash, or prefer dash attacks, this is well worth taking.  Bush’s Shack might seem enticing, but keep in mind…in toughbattles, or nightmare mode you won’t be able to just retreat into it and fully regen with enemies on screen.   You can, however, defeat them and then take a few seconds to fully regen if that type of play interests you.  For me personally, Axe Avenger is just too proficient to pass up.  That said, I’m glad I have Legendary to be able to enjoy Armor Awesomeness along the way!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Skylanders Trap Team: Blades Upgrade Paths and Attack Damage Numbers

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Blades was one of my most anticipated new Skylanders.  He has great aesthetics and unique moves that are almost a new interpretation on a cross between Warnado and Flashwing.  I will say this though, and I think 99% of fans will agree with me…There is one big disappointment with Blades.  What is it you ask?  Simple, he doesn’t fly!  When I looked forward to Blades (an Air Element Dragon) the last thing on my mind was that he wouldn’t fly.  I just assumed he would and wondered what kind of cool attacks would get tied in with that.  His attacks are good, I just still have trouble getting past the fact he doesn’t fly.  My solution would be to tie flight in with the Cyclone Swirl…Press “ATK 3” to fly, then tap “ATK 1” for a flying wing slice and “ATK 2” for the Cyclone Swirl (both executed while flying).  I mean, think how cool it would be to be in flight and spawn the Cyclone Swirl?  Anyway, it is what it is, and despite the lack of flight, Blades is still a pretty cool character.

Blades Base Upgrades

His Base Upgrades begin with Cyclone Swirl that gives instant access to his tertiary attack.  Next up, we address his Primary Attack (Wing Slice) and get “Sharpened Wings” that bump up the damage  “Shard Harder” (who named that one, lol?), provides a logical quantitative and distance based upgrade to the Blade Shards.  “Wind at Your Back” upgrades the Tertiary Attack by having it follow you and dealing extra damage.  I am not sure about this one…I almost think I would prefer the cyclone to remain stationary allowing me to use it as a defensive stalemate while I can reposition for a better attack angle, to prolong my life, or to simply retreat.  It is nice that if follows you, but there are times I see it being more advantageous to my playstyle if it was in fact stationary.  In all honesty, I’d ditch this upgrade and let this be the “Dragon Flight” where Blades can fly with increased Speed and Armor.  However, since that isn’t the case, I would prefer a Speed, or Armor Boost opposed to being followed.  Actually, thinking about it further, I would vastly prefer the Cyclone to seek out the nearest enemies as opposed to follow me!  Some will disagree, but I truly believe my play style would benefit from either A-Stationary Cyclones, or B-An enemy seeking Cyclone.

Wind Wielder (Cyclone Swirl Upgrades)
via Legendary Blades

Wind Wilder didn’t really appeal to me as much as Shard Shooter.  However, since Blades has a Legendary version, it falls into place to pursue!  “Follow Like the Wind” is somewhat forgettable in that you basically just have the Cyclone follow closer…Turns are still an issue, but it tails you much better for those that prefer this type of Cyclone.  The more practical thing here is that it also spins the shards faster…This basically means where things use to be a leisurely “Hit….Hit…Hit…” they now “Hit-Hit-Hit!”  There are pros and cons to this, but for most players this is a definitive advantage.  The path ends with “Shielding Swirl” that makes the Cyclone’s diameter greater AND can deflect enemy projectiles.  I can’t showcase that at the Academy, but it will no doubt “sometimes” be quite the asset!  Nestled in the midst of these 2 upgrades is “Crushing Cyclones” (I honestly pictured twin, fist shaped Cyclones (think Lightning Rod eqsue)).  What this does is really amplify the damage from your other attacks!  The one catch is that you must have that said enemy INSIDE the cyclone.  On the edge, or outside and you deal standard damage.  This really makes the path worth pursuing, even for those not impressed by a closer following, larger Cyclone that sometimes deflects projectiles!

Shard Shooter (Blade Shard Upgrades)
via Blades

I will be honest, if I had only 1 Blades, this is the path I would take.  The Cyclone is cool, but with a character like Blade I just prefer the straight forward approach.  “Slice Shards” gives the primary “Wing Slice” a chance to shoot a Blade Shard.  This is nice bonus damage, but really picks up later.  “Cutting Edge” has Shards do increased damage.  “Shard Shrapnel” is one of those seems lame, looks lame upgrades that is usually only appreciated once a player has seen it in the heat of battle.  It is a small bit of damage, but runs roughly 4x and that of course makes it significant.  My only complaint with this path is that I would really have liked for “Slice Shards” to stay its course, but also slightly up the damage from the primary attack Wing Slice.

Blades Attack Damage Numbers
(Click to Enlarge)


Overall, I still struggle to accept that Blades can’t fly, but the fact that is unique and has great aesthetic appeal helps to soften the blow.  He takes tried and true attacks from other characters, but makes them fully his own.  For those who prefer a simple “go in and hit” tactic, you will want to take Shard Shooter.  The residual damage with the Shrapnel is quite nice and will be much appreciated.  Players liking a more complex, or defensive approach will like Wind Wielder.  Obviously, you can make this more simple and take Wind Wielder for the Cyclone, or Shard Shooter for the Shards.  Crushing Cyclones may deal the most impressive damage, but keep in mind you have to stay put for those tough, close quarters enemies.  The plus side is that you can possibly deflect ranged attacks while dealing with the attacking minions.  Shard Shooter lets you more freely roam as you don’t have to rely so much on the Cyclones.  I like my freedom, I’ll give the “edge” to Shard Shooter for now!  Blades is someone, much like Warnado (who I am still waiting to receive a proper S2 figure) who could really become a beast with a good Wow Pow Attack!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jawbreaker Upgrade Paths & Attack Damage Numbers

Jawbreaker Base Upgrades

Jawbreaker has a very nice primary attack.  While it doesn’t offer earth shattering damage numbers on face value, it has that rare “rapid fire” quality that makes veteran players giddy with excitement.  Spark Shock is a unique and fun upgrade…it even offers a spin move when you are in Robo Rage.  Heavy Hands comes in as the final base upgrade and improves the already functional Traptanium Punch attack.

Jawbreaker High Voltage Upgrade Path

This path strikes me (ha, get it?) as a bit defensive.  You don’t have armor boosts or anything, but the upgrades each offer some nice residual damage.

Static Cling is very cool in that you get roughly 16 rounds of damage (at 10-15 each) after your initial attack damage.  Hands Off! Is automatic!  Anytime Jawbreaker is hit, he cranks out the larger, rogue sparks that deal 20-30 damage!  Sparking Interest is similar to both, but automatically deals the larger, rogue sparks when you are simply in Robo Rage Mode.

Legendary Jawbreaker Out-RAGE-ous Upgrade Path

This path is designed for those who  really like Robo Rage Mode.  The best feature, in my opinion, comes from “Punch for Power” which basically allows you to perpetually remain in Robo Rage Mode, provided you are landing punches.  This would be easy to do in Kaos Doom Challenge, or Nightmare Mode playthrus.  You keep the speed, armor, and damage boosts in full force.

Jolting Jab is an attack that makes sense, but I never really “saw it work” to obtain an attack damage number.  Defense Firmware would have been a great addition under the old format of “+X Armor,” but it is the vague “take less damage while in Robo Rage Mode.”  Those upgrades don’t usually impress me and that was the case here. 

Jawbreaker Attack Damage Numbers


Jawbreaker is very easy to overlook if you go on box-stock ability.  He doesn’t really do much to stand out and not many will even appreciate the rapid fire punches he packs.  However, both of his paths are quite good.  I personally prefer High Voltage as it seems more practical to my play style.  Hypercharged Haymaker is a great Soul Gem.  It and the Spark Shock attacks from High Voltage wind up giving Jawbreaker some much needed “ranged attacks.”  I’m not huge on Robo Rage mode, especially when High Voltage works so well on its own.  That said, I can see where some of you would like the increased damage and other perks (speed etc) and thus prefer Out-RAGE-ous.  My official nod goes to High Voltage.

Friday, February 20, 2015

February 2015 Channel Update: Skylander Hunting and Future Plans


Remember a few years ago when I would do weekly updates every Thursday?  Not sure I will get back to that, but I thought this would make a nice tie-in for the video I just recorded.

Skylander Hunting


I went in equipped with Target's DCPI for Nitro Head Rush.  She appeared on their website Wednesday and showed to be "in stock" at my local store.  I went in and found tons of Head Rush, but no Nitro.  I found an employee and they entered in the DCPI.  Boom!  "12 in the back!" was the response!

So after patiently waiting, I was awarded Nitro Head Rush!

For whatever reason, Target is often cheaper on groceries than my local grocery stores, so I figured I would check around for the General Mills Skystones...

Boom!  Score #2!  Honey Nut Cheerios with the Skystones!


Although I checked online and the store showed to have no stock on Legendary Bushwhack, I figured I would check anyway.  Waltzed in to a desolate store (woohoo!) and found several LBWs just sitting on the pegs.  I grabbed him and then scanned the Amiibo section...My eyes spotted a Toon Link lonely hanging all by his lonesome.

I found out that the BOGO 40% on Skylanders and Amiibo was actually cross-compatible!  So, if you are like me and didn't need a 2nd Skylander, or they didn't have what you wanted, but found an Amiibo, you can go that route and save a little cash.

I didn't pre-order Toon Link and I guess that coupled with knowing scalpers wouldn't get him was incentive to buy.  I'll be honest though, I'd gladly trade this for Rosalina or Meta Knight.  He does look cool fwiw.

Channel Update

Skylanders Content

You will soon see Nitro Head Rush, Legendary Bushwhack, and then the Fire and Tech Minis get unboxed.  Prior those I will finish out my Trap haul from this past weekend!

NHR and LBW are on deck once they are unboxed.

Jawbreaker is ready to be he'll come first.  Then it will be as follows: Blades, Head Rush, and Wallop.

Somewhere mixed in with the earliest vids you will see Dreamcatcher, Scrap Shooter, and Shield Shredder.

Minecraft Xbox One Solo Survival
After about a 2 month hiatus I am back on this series and having a great time.  I have recorded up thru E23 and we are making progress on our base building.  I will likely mix in some diamond hunting and farming to break up the building a bit.  Remember, I'm doing this thing 100% vanilla in survival.

Mario Kart 8

I was gun-ho on finishing this thing up, but every video I upload gets flagged for music (not a copyright strike, just a "matched 3rd party content").  It was around this time that I was having to jump thru hoops to prove rights to my own unboxings etc.  This isn't very fun stuff to do and as a result, I'm going to shelved it while I enjoy some other things.  Once I think the majority of the Skylander unboxings are wrapped up I will try to resume it.

Potential New Content

This is something I'm looking for feedback on and didn't include in this latest video.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
I was wanting to start a playthrough on Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.  Due to the way seemingly anything Nintendo gets flagged now and then proceeds to interfere with all my other stuff, I'm a bit hesitant.

Forza Horizon 2
I'd never played a game in the Forza series (yep it is true, I wasn't lying when I said the XB1 was my first Xbox).  I got this game for my birthday and I am really enjoying it.  I don't know if I'm good at the game, horrible, or what, but it is something I wondered if anyone would be interested in seeing from time-to-time.

NBA 2k15
This was also a birthday present and I've contemplated uploading a few street ball style games (ie NBA Legends).  The game is very complex and not at all like I remember my mid-to-late 90s NBA Live installments...I'm sure I'd get better at it as we went, but I think my idea for the series might be a fresh take over the likely season mode most upload.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Dream Address

My Dream Address is: 5200-3152-5724

If you play ACNL give me a visit and leave your Dream Address down below, or in this post:

Skylander Club Forum

If you are into Skylanders, I invite you to check out the Skylander Club!  This is a forum I set up that is geared toward the hardcore collectors and players.  You will find a wealth of information from some great Portal Masters.  In addition, we don't just do Skylanders...there are sections for each console, general discussions, polls, Amiibo, and much more.  Check it out...if you like what you see, we would love to have you sign up and join us!

Currently Playing

Animal Crossing New Leaf
Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright (awesome game!)
Brain Age Concentration Training
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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Wii U:
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Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (Played One Level, holding off for potential playthru)

Xbox One:
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Well that is it for now.  Pretty crazy doing the 'Currently Playing and Currently Listening" again, lol.  If this is something you miss and would like to see back, just let me know.

I'd also appreciate any feedback on the potential new content...

I think I'm pretty set on my W3 and in-betweens so now I can get back to the meat of the game in Trap Team.  Make sure you follow me on Twitch for Chapter 12!

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Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz & Love Potion Pop Fizz Upgrade Paths with Attack Damage Numbers

Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz Base Upgrades

Love Potion Pop Fizz Mad Scientist Upgrade Path

Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz Best of the Beast Upgrade Path

Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz Attack Damage Spreadsheet
(Click to Enlarge)

Check the SkylanderClub Forum
For More Info and
My Analysis

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Skylanders Skystones in General Mills Cereal

Breakfast just got even better!  Now, in addition to your morning bowl,of ceral, you can enjoy a few lively rounds of Skystones!

Skylanders Skystones Showcase: 4 Sets of 10 in Select General Mills Cereal

Here are a few pictures to help you stake your claim:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Front)

Skystones Board (Back)

Krypt King Box (Includes Chompy Mage & Dr. Krankcase)

As always, I like to document and archive things as best as possible.  I will be trying to get the set of 40 and will make additional updates here as necessary.  I am interested in a few things:
1-Will the "Krypt King" box always have these exact Skystones
2-What are the other characters featured on the boxes
3-What are the other "Boss" Skystones
4-What are the other Skystones

You can help me out by reporting back what you get in your cereal: who is on the box, what boss Skystones are included, and what the other 8 Skystones are.  Obviously, a single picture can accomplish this with ease.

You can also post and share the info on the Skylander Club Forum: