Friday, October 10, 2014

Skylander Research: Numbers Never Lie Statistical Discrepancies Between Standard, Legendary, and Nitros in Trap Team

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Well, despite needing to be asleep and having lots to do, I could not resist seeing if my beloved Legendaries were back to their statistically superior stats.

As you should know by now, I tend to take the Skylanders Series a little more serious than most.  I am also a big numbers guy.  One of my disappointments in SWAP Force was the way that "special" in-game variants were kind of wiped clean of their stat boost.  Legendaries in SSA and Giants had nice pads vs their standard counterparts.

Despite being insanely busy and needing to be asleep, I couldn't resist the temptation any longer...I just had to know if the boost was back since Toys for Bob handled Trap Team.

The results are mixed.  In my latest late night research I had 3 Case Studies and 6 Skylanders.  Here are the results:

Character-Health-Armor-Speed-Critical Hit-Elemental Power-Total

Blades                280 30 60 10 25  405 (+22)
Legenday Blades 240 18 70 30 25  383 (-22)

Jawbreaker                340 12 50 70 25  497 (=2)
Legendary Jawbreaker 300 30 60 80 25  495 (-2)

Krypt King                300 24 60 40 25  449 (-32)
Nitro Krypt King 300 36 60 60 25  481 (+32)

As you can see, both Legendary Blades and Legendary Jawbreakers have SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER HEALTH than their standard counterparts...this is mind boggling to me.  Sure you can argue they have an edge elsewhere ,but aren't Legendaries to be superior in all categories, you know, hence why they are Legendary?

Blades and Jawbreaker both boast +40 Health OVER their Legendary counterparts.

Blades has +10 Speed and +10 Critical Hit, but also touts -12 Armor.  Of the three stats, Armor is the most significant imo.  Overall he is -22 Stat Points BELOW standard Blades.

L-Jawbreaker suffers the -40 Health, but at least touts a stat boost in the other categories: +18 Armor, +10 Speed, and +10 Elemental Power.  This gives him +2 Stat Points ABOVE standard Jawbreaker.

The biggest winner in the mix is Nitro Krypt King.  His health is the same as standard Krypt King and then he gains +12 Armor and +20 Critical Hit to give him a cumulative +32 Advantage over standard Krypt King.  Oddly enough, the Speed Stat is even at would think of all the stats to boost for a "Nitro" character it would be speed...

Nonetheless, there you have it.  I recorded intros for all 6 Characters tonight...actually bundled them together for each set.  I will get them up ASAP, but the numbers don't lie and I find them very interesting.

To me each attribute should be equal to or greater than the standard character's stats.  Having a big drop in Health is completely unwarranted.  It is also sad to see L-Blades at such a disadvantage.

What are your thoughts on the statistical discrepancies?  I am very interested in monitoring Nitro Head Rush, L-Bushwhack, and L-Deja Vu.  I have the Dark Skylanders...I really hope they have a bigger boost.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team Unboxing Legendary Nightmare Express

What: Legendary Nightmare Express Adventure Pack
Where Did You Get It: Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost: $24.99 plus tax (BOGO 40%)
What Was Stock Like: Well Stocked
What Is Included: Nightmare Express Location Piece, Piggy Bank, Legendary Hand of Fate, and Legendary Blades with Stat Cards and Sticker Sheets with Special Codes

Unboxing Legendary Nightmare Express, a Toys'R'Us Exclusive
Includes Legendary Blades and the Legendary Hand of Fate

Skylanders Trap Team Unboxing Tread Head

What: Tread Head, Tech Element, Newlander
Where Did You Get It: Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost: $10.99 plus tax (BOGO 40%)
What Was Stock Like: Very Limited, Technically a Wave 2 (10/7/2014)
What is Included: Tread Head, Stat Card, Sticker Sheet with Special Code

Unboxing Tread Head

Trap Team Introductions #2: Tread Head


As an orphan from the Dizzying Dunes, Tread Head had always dreamed of racing. And after a summer of scavenging for parts, he finally managed to build a bike that would allow him to enter the local racing circuit. The other competitors laughed at the crudeness of his work, but Tread Head had built it for performance, not for style. So when the race began, he jumped out to a commanding lead. But as he entered a canyon, he suddenly found himself at a roadblock – of Goblin troops!  Knowing the other racers were in danger, he pulled off the road and kicked up so much dust that the
Goblins had no choice but to flee, allowing the other racers to pass safely. Tread Head may have lost the race that day, but he earned the respect of Master Eon, who would see to it that Tread Head would tread on evil wherever he goes!


"Tread and Shred!"

Card Stats

Power/Strength: 50/250
Defense/Armor: 50/250
Speed/Agility: 170/250
Luck: 90/250
Totals: 360/1,000

Skylanders Trap Team Unboxing Fist Bump

What: Fist Bump, Earth Element, Newlander
Where Did You Get It: Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost: $10.99 plus tax (BOGO 40%)
What Was Stock Like: Very Limited, Technically a Wave 2 for 10/7/2014
What Is Included: Fist Bump, Stat Card, Sticker Sheet with Special Code

Unboxing Fist Bump

Trap Team Introduction #1: Fist Bump

Fist Bump Bio

Fist Bump had long been the sleeping protector of the Bubbling Bamboo Forest, but awoke from a long hibernation when a horde of nasty purple Greebles arrived with gigantic rock-smashing machines. Intent on building a new base, their machines wreaked havoc – chewing up the land and spitting out billowing clouds of smoke into the enchanted air.
Seeing this, Fist Bump was furious. Using his enormous stone fists, he hammered the ground with all his strength, creating a massive earthquake that sent huge shockwaves towards the Greeble camp. This reduced the machines to mere scrap and sent the Greebles running off in a panic. The act of bravery caught the attention of Terrafin, who brought Fist Bump to meet Master Eon. Now as a Skylander, Fist Bump makes evil quake wherever he goes!


"Knock, Knock...Too Late!"

Card Stats

Power/Strength: 80/250
Defense/Armor: 180/250
Speed/Agility: 50/250
Luck: 50/250
Totals: 360/1,000

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team: Launch Day Haul

Skylanders Trap Team: Launch Day Haul

There is a recap of my Launch Day experience.

Strategy was to hit Target first as it has been so hard to spot their exclusives outside of Launch Day at my local store. I got their as they were stocking them and was handed "the only Gearshift" and Nitro Krypt King, who they looked to have a total of 6. Also picked up a single of Tidal Wave Gill Grunt just in case. They had 3-4 Wallops, which I thought was really odd given how little stock they had...I had one, and then put it back...I didn't really scan their Traps since I was in a hurry to get to TRU and cash in on the sale.

TRU had a big selection, but no W2 Trap Masters, which I was looking for. There was a really young kid with no parent anywhere in sight for a long time just casing the traps...His dad finally showed up and between the two accounts I'd say they logged 20-30 mins just blocking off the traps. I made good use of the time and found the W2 Singles of the Core Skylanders, which was cool.

By the time the kid and his Dad left I realized how the pegs up top (that dangled a few traps) had once been full. The sad thing is the scalper lady took all 4 of the Wii U Dark Starter Packs. I went online and ordered one when I got home. I did pick up a few traps and the PowerA Trap Case.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team Unboxing Torch

What: Torch, Fire Element Newlander
What Does She Cost: $9.99 plus tax
What is Included: Torch, Stat Card, Sticker Sheet with Special Code

More Picture and Info coming soon!