Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Skylanders Giants Unboxing Eye-Brawl

Skylanders Giants Unboxing and Review of Eye-Brawl

What?  Eye-Brawl, Undead Element Giant

Where Did You Get It?  GameStop, locally

How Much Did It Cost?  $14.99 plus tax

What is Included?  Eye-Brawl, stat card, and sticker sheet with web code for Skylanders Universe

What Was Stock Like?  Only one in the store...I've yet to see him locally outside of the one in my hand.

What Lights Up?  His eye and it casts light from every vantage point

Quick Character Info

Slogan: "I've Got My Eye On You!"


Power/Strength: 140/150
Defense/Armor: 140/150
Speed/Agility: 100/150
Luck: 45/150
Totals: 425/600


Eye-Brawl was easily my most anticipated Giant past the initial release...the only one I would say might have given him in a run-for-the-money in that department is Crusher.

Eye-Brawl has a great overall look and perhaps one of the best back stories of any Skylander.    A truly unique story and build lead me to anticipate some great things.

While his light-up feature isn't as detailed, it is about the only thing they could do with the pose and is executed quite nicely.  His stance is authoritative and he looks to be built to battle.

I have heard from several other Portal Masters that Eye-Brawl is a bit one-sided on the upgrade path, but I am still excited to check it out for myself as I have "high" hopes for him.

We will "see" how he plays out.


  1. I was hoping you would compare them with lc prismbreak but oh well

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    1. Would have if I'd have known anyone wanted to see them. PB is pretty much the standard bearer for light output imo.

      I am planning to do a light up comparo once we have all the Giants and/or all the LC.


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