Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Skylanders Giants Unboxing Lightning Rod

Skylanders Giants Unboxing Series 2 Lightning Rod

What?  Lightning Rod, Series 2, Air Element Skylander

Where Did You Get It?

What Did It Cost?  $9.99 plus tax (Free Shipping)

What Is Included?  Lightning Rod, Sticker Sheet, Web Code for Skylanders Universe

What Was Stock Like?  I have NEVER seen a Lightning Rod single pack locally.  I saw his Triple Pack last Thursday and broke the news on that.   Online he was available on for probably 10-14 days, but I held out thinking I'd find him locally.  As of right now they've yet to restock and looks to be your best bet.

Quick Character Info

Slogan: "One Strike and You're Out!"


Power/Strength: 75/150
Defense/Armor: 65/150
Speed/Agility: 70/150
Luck: 75/150
Totals: 285/600


Series 2 Lightning Rod is proving to be tough to find at the moment.  I think in a few weeks or as shipments hit and demand slows he should be "more" available.  That said, while I was initially not impressed with his repose, once I had it in hand and unboxed I have to say it is very well done.  The finite details are what set it apart from others and make it a true stand out compared to the Series 1 offering.  The facial details is fantastic, the flowing (or static electrified) hair is a nice touch and the cuff bracelet details are top notch.  Couple those qualities with better paint and you have the makings of a great repose!  Now we just need to hope his WowPow is as impressive!


  1. this doesnt relate to lightning rod but i got an email from eb games (aussie game stop) and it said that thumpback and eyebrawl are in wave 3! thats just a bit of info for you.

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    1. That is awesome! When is wave 3 coming out?

    2. Yep. Idk why GameStop doesn't have this option, but EB Games (at least hte Canadian page) will let you pre-order EVERYONE (and yes that includes the Giants...even Ninjini). Idk if the Aussie one is set up the same, but you might check. If they let us pre-order over here I'd already have them instead of hunting :(

      Hope y'all can land them! I've picked up all of Wave 3 (once LC Shroomboom gets here) outside of the 2 new Giants. I have yet to see them anywhere locally...I'll prob have to buy online (once they are in stock and sell for retail that is).

      Maybe y'all will get a solid influx of Wave 3.

    3. yeah here you can preorder them all but it wont tell you WHEN they will be available so you could be waiting 3 to 5 months! oh well at least well have eye brawl and thumpback before you do.

    4. Yeah, that is the downside there, lol. I thought it was odd it didn't give some ballpark date, oh well.

      Most people I know of are either landing the new Giants or having a heck of a time. I came up empty once again....prob going to have to wait until they come up online.

      Hope you have better luck.

  2. well ill prob pre order eye brawl 2morrow and have already pre ordered thumpback and thats all i REALLY want in this wave although i will get the prism break 3 pack

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    1. Good call...blows my mind why the same store doesn't do pre-orders across the board...All I've gotten to pre=-order were the 2 Battle Packs...Makes things so much easier.

  3. how will molten hot dog come out

    In Battle pack or Single

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    1. That is unknown at this point...There is a lot of speculation that he will drop with Walmart's version of the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack. If that is the case, I would not bank on him coming in single least not for a long time (if at all). I'd think by mid-February we should know for sure if he is coming in the BP...GameStop has exclusive rights to the SSBP until the 9th.

    2. if it is at walmart then im out of luck because there is no walmart in australia.

    3. It could wind up being a regional store in that case...


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