Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eye Brawl and Thumpback in the Near Future!

Hey Everybody!

How about some REALLY awesome news to start 2013?  Well, this should suffice.

While skimming the net today I found 2 very good leads on the potential release of both Thumpback, the Water Element Giant, and Eye Brawl, the Undead Element Giant.

Before calling my local GameStop I checked online to make sure the release date on the Scorpion Striker Battle Pack with Hot Dog and Zap was in fact pushed back to 1/9/2013.  That sadly turned out to be the case and I got confirmation when I called in...

However, when on GameStop.com I found the packaging proof had been added for BOTH Thumpback and Eye Brawl!!

This is a big deal because that is what GameStop has done in the past before a new character was up for sale...You can also note that they have  yet to add the Wave 3 Single Packs to that coveted list, so I am thinking it is imminent that we will see both Giants very soon.

Checking around elsewhere, I turned up on Amazon link to Thumpback...with the packaging proof, yet another encouraging sign!

As of right now I do not know solid dates, but I will update this post as the info trickles in...

Here are some helpful links:

Eye Brawl at GameStop:

Thumpback at GameStop:

Thumpback on Amazon:

Thumpback Amazon

Eye Brawl at Walmart:

Thumpback at Walmart:

Personally I am more excited for Eye Brawl, but I know the vast majority seems to want Thumpback.

Stay tuned for updates and good luck landing the new Giants!

*Update 1/2/13 5 AM (so much for getting to bed earlier in 2013): It looks like several sources are saying we will see Thumpback and Eye Brawl hit on the 9th and that we can expect Ninjini mid-to-late January.  I obviously can not confirm this and would still call it speculation, but they have to come out some time, right?!

I also want to point out that there remains a good chance we could see some straggling characters like Wrecking Ball or Spyro in their S2 repose hit the shelves.

I'm still waiting on the assignment of any Triple Packs, although at this point it is likely I'd only be up for the tail end of them (could see all S2 in a few)...

I will update again as new or confirmed info arrives.

Updated 1/4/2013 to add Walmart Links.


  1. YES!! I am not busy!!
    Although I personally love Eye-brawl and Thumpback, I wanted Ninjini to come before these two. The main reason is, I barely have any Magic Skylanders, just Spyro (Series 1, obviously) I was not that interested in the Magic Skylanders out. Pop Fizz, I am waiting for his Light Core to come out. Double Trouble,whenever I see his Triple Pack, I think of getting the Apple Starter pack with Royal DT in Gamestop, but I forget every time I go there

    I am waiting for S2 Wrecking Ball (I think I told you about him earlier) I like his sabertooth design on his figure (I wish they made a GITD for THIS Wrecking Ball, not the SSA one)

    Still excited about the new Giants,

    I need that Bluetooth Portal of Power, I lost most of the codes in SSA and the only way I can unlock them is that Portal

    Thanks for being the #1 resource for Skylanders!!

    Anyways, here is something a little off topic, do you plan on getting Scribblenauts Unlimited for the Wii U. If you do, could you do one of your "blind" playtjroughs if you don't mind?

    Thanks again

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    1. There seem to be more Thumpback fans, followed by Ninjini...I see Ninjini as a "spring" type, but that is just me...If that report is correct she will be the last out, but you won't be waiting till June etc.

      That is good logic in that case...Double Trouble is a great character imo and I have heard that the Royal Double Trouble has superior stats, although I have never seen how superior...I'd prob pick that up if I was an apple person, lol.

      Yep, one of the outlets I saw was suggesting Wrecking Ball would be hitting shelves soon, if that is the case you will have your Magic Element fix taken care of!

      Good luck with the SSU stuff...


      You know, I have seriously debated picking it up...I've never played a game in the series, but I was thinking of trying it out...My only concern is if there were "game pad only" parts that didn't translate well from what was actually on screen, but having not researched it, idk if that would be the case, or it integrates seamlessly.

      I may wait for a price drop, or a good sale, but I do actually plan to add that one to the library soon!

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