Thursday, January 24, 2013

Watch Nintendo Direct 1-23-2013: Wii U Direct

Man, was this a great day to be a Nintendo fan...

As much as I enjoyed Nintendo Week (and would still like to see it return for more casual news and gameplay etc), you can't beat the "directness" from Nintendo Direct.  This is really what the end consumer wants and provides a means for the producer to zero-in on the target audience with direct news.

Before I go off on some long and drawn out analysis on effective marketing, target audiences, and the like I suppose I should take from Nintendo and be more direct (plus it is 4 AM).

(Sidenote, did anyone notice it is actually Wii U Direct, but everyone refers to it as Nintendo Direct from past precedence?  Maybe they'll tailor each installment with a more accurate subtitle as in this instance and stick to "Nintendo Direct" for the official title and more comprehensive videos).

Anyway, here it is, in all its original glory:

Wii U Direct: January 23rd, 2013

If I get time I'lll come in and tailor my analysis...but for now, you can just watch Mr. Iwata yourself.

For your viewing convenience, I painstakingly archived things for you...

Miiverse --  00:56
Wii U Updates including Virtual Console --  07:40
Spring and Summer Games --  18:30
The Wonderful 101 --  18:53
Bayonetta 2 --  20:27
New Super Smash Bros. --  23:31
New Titles From Nintendo --  24:11
Yarn Yoshi --  26:56
Shin-Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem --  27:53
The Legend of Zelda --  29:21
Monolith Soft --  34:01

Well, actually that was Nintendo's work, but hey...sharing is caring!

The bottom line is need to watch this.  As a Wii U owner this is HUGE.

Hope everyone had a good day and is ready for the weekend.

Content pulled from Nintendo's Website:

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